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Combining DigiBeta and P2 with an LHe: Do I need a Kona 3?

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David Wulzen
Combining DigiBeta and P2 with an LHe: Do I need a Kona 3?
on Mar 21, 2008 at 7:19:58 pm

(Since this question combines Final Cut, Kona hardware and P2 media, I will cross post it at the respetive forums)

Hi All-

I work at a place where we have exclusively been SD ever since inception, and have a very large archive on either BetaSP or Digibeta. However, just like a majority of people in the industry, we are making our (cautious) step into the realm of HD, and we need a way of combining the SD archives with the new HD footage

Currently we capture all of our footage through the Digibeta deck, SDI in through a Kona LHe card and into Final Cut 6.0.1 (I've been in between projects and haven't had the time to do any updates). Recently though, we have been shooting some of our footage on P2, and will more than likely continue to do so. What we need is a way to combine the two formats, and until we can display the footage in HD, lay the entire project off to a DigiBeta master.

What is the best way to do this? In running tests, I am able to use the LHe to downconvert the P2 media to a 525 29.97 signal, but since the timeline in Final Cut is DVCProHD, if I try to bring in any Beta or DigiBeta footage, it looks wonky.

Is there any flexibility to ingest the P2 media as a different codec? Or possibly drop it into a different timeline that can incorporate both formats? I have tried putting the P2 footage in a 525 ProRes 29.97 timeline, but even after rendering, it doesn't look as good as the previous method. But at least that way, I can bring in the legacy formats and have them all work together...

After researching on the forums, it would seem as though another option would to go for a Kona 3 card and let that upconvert my Beta/Digi footage to a 720p signal (or whatever the P2 is shot at) so they can all play nicely with each other, even though eventually (for the time being) I will be downconverting the whole thing back to SD to lay off to a Digibeta master.

I am all ears to different ways of going about this, and any insight into the matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

-David Wulzen

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