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Aja Kona a/v drift, dropped frames, unreliable playback

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Craig Bentick
Aja Kona a/v drift, dropped frames, unreliable playback
on Jan 14, 2008 at 4:14:01 am

Hi all, been trawling the forums for a little while, nothing seemed to match my problems so here goes.

I am capturing footage from an xbox360, through a matrix switcher, into a kona lhe card, i have been using this deck for about 6 months, and it has never EVER functioned as advertised.

as soon as i start a capture, it immediately catches dropped frames and aborts. i disable the abort-ing, and it captures the footage i want. this has worked for me previously, now every clip i capture has SIGNIFICANT drift, adding about ten seconds of black to the end of my captured footage (occasionally cutting the footage off BEFORE the point at which i stopped recording) and plays out the audio, which by this point is completely out of sync.

i know i'm posting a very vague description, i'm looking at the most basic setup issues that could have been causing these problems (among others that escape me right now)

it is a new Mac system with the latest final cut pro, the latest aja kona drivers, and a ton of hard drive space.

what i'm after is a really 'idiots guide to ensuring your kona lhe is installed correctly' and (ideally) some example setups for final cut (i.e; sequences match capture settings, playback is configured correctly, etc..)

oh, and it has always refused to playback anything other than stills on the external analog line. if i scrub through footage it updates maybe once every five seconds, then displays the still frame i end on.

almost at the end of my tether, if anyone can recommend a remedy (or a list of information i should check before whinging any further on here), i would be VERY grateful.


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Aaron Neitz
Re: Aja Kona a/v drift, dropped frames, unreliable playback
on Jan 14, 2008 at 6:26:54 pm

AJA makes extremely reliable gear. It will work as advertised, and more, but frankly FCP is a little doggy and specific with it's technical menus and settings. You'll need to provide us a lot more specifics on your system before we can help.

It sounds like your system isn't set up right at all. Was this a home built system, an order from a video reseller?

are you running leopard? Tiger?

What are you trying to digitize at? DV25? HD? 720? 1080?

What are you sequence settings? What is your Video out setting?

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Daniel Miller
Re: Aja Kona a/v drift, dropped frames, unreliable playback
on Jan 14, 2008 at 6:29:33 pm


I've done what your trying to do, it worked great. First off, why are you going through the switcher? Couldn't you plug the compnent staight into the LHe (w/ some BNC to RCA adapters, I only mention it because thats what I did). Is your xbox setup to output 720p? With my LH I never got the audio to sync up, and I would get drift like you are describing, until I stopped using the analogue audio inputs on the Kona. I had a M-Audio MobilePre ($150 at guitar center) I made a custom easy setup based on aja dvcpro hd 720p60. I changed the audio input to Maudio MobilePre and used an RCA to 3/4" adapter to get the xbox sound into the MobilePre. After that I never had a problem with audio sync again. Since theres no way to genlock the xbox to the Kona I imagine thats why your getting the drift and sync issues. Hope that helps some. For some reason pulling audio in through the MobilePre solved the issue without having to drop thousands of dollars on a compnent to hdsdi converter and an aja gen10.

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gary adcock
Re: Aja Kona a/v drift, dropped frames, unreliable playback
on Jan 15, 2008 at 12:53:17 am

[Craig Bentick] "i know i'm posting a very vague description, "

hence the non answers.

I have captured from Xbox, PS3, and Wii systems with Kona Products

there is no idiots guide,thats what consultants get paid for.

gary adcock
HD & Film Consultation
Post and Production Workflows
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