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Timecode and SDI with JVC gy-hd250 HELP!

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Marsnaut Javier
Timecode and SDI with JVC gy-hd250 HELP!
on Aug 20, 2007 at 10:58:56 pm

Hi there. This may be a final cut issue, not a kona issue, i'm not really sure.

Here's our setup: we have a JVC gy-hd250u thats going sdi out into a kona LHe card.
We are capturing straight to a mac pro internal SATA raid at 720p 23.98.
I'm using the uncompressed 23.98 varicam easy set up as per some experiments.
It all captures perfectly, it looks great.
BUT I have to capture using FCP "Capture Now" and thus I get no timecode.
Granted, we have no "source" material to deal with, but I am creating source material on the drives that I will then clone and work from, and it would be NICE to have a unique TC that we could set at the begining of each day and freerun so each days shoot has an hour and can be easily referenced.

Yes, I suppose we could go through and alter all the TC later, but I'm wondering if there is any other way? The camera generates TC, the kona card reads the TC, but FCP wont capture it using capture now. Is there anything I am missing? I've futzed around with all the settings i can think of. any workarounds?

Or does anyone know if there is a script available that will batch change all your TC? In other words, set a starting TC, and then have the script put that number in the Media Start of a clip, take the resulting Media End number, add one, and stick it in the field of the next clips Media Start, etc. and so on? Its beyond me to write such a thing, but seems like it would be a doable thing if the properties window is scriptable.

Any advice here is welcome. thanks!


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gary adcock
Re: Timecode and SDI with JVC gy-hd250 HELP!
on Aug 21, 2007 at 12:26:49 am

[Marsnaut Javier] " This may be a final cut issue, not a kona issue, i'm not really sure."

it is an FCP problem

FCP cannot see LTC timecode over SDI

gary adcock
HD & Film Consultation
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Bob Zelin
Re: Timecode and SDI with JVC gy-hd250 HELP!
on Aug 21, 2007 at 1:00:15 am

I have wonderful advice for you. Do what JVC recommends, and get the JVC BR-HD50U to play back your tapes. You will have RS422 control, and no capture or TC issues. The output of this VTR is analog HD, which will go into the Kona LHe with no issues. Kona 3 only ? Get the AJA HD10AVA, which will convert the analog HD signal into HD-SDI.

Bob Zelin

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Re: Timecode and SDI with JVC gy-hd250 HELP!
on Sep 5, 2007 at 2:43:34 pm

Can i muscle in on this thread cos it sounds like you guys will be able to help me out here.
i am running FCP 5.4.1, Kona LH and a JVC BR-HD50.
My issues is that i don't have any deck control at all over RS422. I know the deck works fine, cos i have checked it with other edit suites in the building, and i know the Kona works cos it works with all the other decks in my edit suite.
I have been in touch with AJA support and they seem to be trying to answer my questions but with me being in the UK it takes a day to get an answer for every question i ask.
If you have any pointers at all i would be most grateful.
I am running AJA control panel version 3.4 as recommended by AJA and have tried various options in the device control presets, including starting a new one trying RS422 and RS232.
In fact, when i choose panasonic 232 the message under the transport controls says "VTR OK" very briefly and then swiftly goes back to "No Communication."
Is it possible this is firmware issue with the deck? If so, how do i go about updating the firmware on it anyway?
Thanks in advance for your patience in reading this and your help if you manage to give some advice.

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