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removing pulldown on SD capture

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removing pulldown on SD capture
on May 11, 2007 at 3:20:07 pm

I wanted to see if anyone can clear up the settings for removing pulldown from SD sources. We have the Kona 3 and a Quad G5. We've done it in Final Cut directly and in VTR Xchange. But we can almost never get it to do it right the same way every time. Let me explain.

Usually the tape has good "A" frame cadence on :00 direct from Telecine. On an Avid it's straightfoward, just capture in a 23.976 project and you're good to go as long as you log on 00 frames. What is the magic combination of settings to get the Kona 3 to do the same? We've used the Easy Setup so that the digitizer is 525 29.97 and the capture fps is 23.98. I've also noticed the Kona Control Panel has a section in the Codec tab for 24 > 30 conversion with a pulldown setting and an offset. Is this meant for outputs only? And what is the offset meant to do in this context? In addition, a typical capture from Digibeta at 29.97 needs a -1.5 Capture Offset in the Device Control, but this throws the pulldown removal out of whack when trying to go to 23.98. Lastly, what if the pulldown cadence is not on the "A" frame, but on the "B" or "C"? Is there a setting to tell the Kona this, or are we supposed to just capture from a different frame IN point?

If anyone can clearly explain their successful workflow for doing this sort of work I would greatly appreciate it.

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Russell Lasson
Re: removing pulldown on SD capture
on May 11, 2007 at 3:48:25 pm

It's my experience that the in point of the logged clip will be the "A" frame. (Though I was just trying to teach this to an assistant editor and he had to set the in point a frame earlier to get it to work.)

All we do is select the Easy Setup AJA NTSC 23.98 8-bit (you'll want to create your own setting to go to DV or DV50). I run a test clip to make sure the in point is set right. If not I adjust it (there are only 5 options, so in the worst case scenario, you've only lost 2-3 minutes).


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