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How Adobe should have innovated

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John Pest guy [Thornton]
How Adobe should have innovated
on Mar 1, 2014 at 3:12:38 am

There seems to be an unstated excuse for CC that Adobe had become asymptotic in its software innovation.

Well, I wish to dispel that right now.

There are at least 2 things that Adobe could, and should, have done with Adobe CS6. One, the tables feature in Indesign is absolutely and utterly awful. It belongs in the early 90's. Anyone who doubts this should Google making a menu table etc. You will find far better online tools for making tables such as menus. Two, what about a 3D preview feature for documents? For instance you are making a Z fold 6 panel brochure. A 3D preview where you could fold and move the brochure rather like a 3D program would make things SO much easier. Especially for people who are not trained in graphics design. Instead of go to the printer, do a test print there, find that the front panel is on the back panel etc and drive back, do it again..that is 20th century pre-internet stuff. In 2014 we can, and must, have a better way.

Instead we got nonsense in Adobe CS6 and CC like "let's play with darkening the GUI!" And "you can't have pixel bender!" Making your own sliders for Photoshop? Can't let the customer do that! It stops the Adobe dance that goes like this:

Take away a feature.
Put it back.

[imagine Michael Buble singing this]

Losing pixel bender
was my love gone to whack

I have seen many comments on aDOBE forums where people defend them saying "CC is the only way for them to make Adobe profitable..."



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Joseph W. Bourke
Re: How Adobe should have innovated
on Mar 1, 2014 at 3:16:41 pm

Not to be picky here, but someone not trained in graphic design has absolutely no place making a Z fold 6 panel brochure. Understanding imposition is not something you pick up on the street. Number one, they wouldn't even understand the terminology of what they're making - number two, they wouldn't get much past the splash screen in InDesign.

My guess - and InDesign is not my daily tool, but I know my way around it, having been a PageMaker user for years - is that anyone who wants a decently designed table is going to do it outside of InDesign, then place it. Not sure of this, just a guess.

That said, I'm with you on the innovation front, but what you consider to be innovation, and what I, or the thousands of other users, consider innovation, differs wildly. I consider the ability to adjust the darkness of the GUI innovative - it has been a feature in high-end compositing and 3D software for many years (Combustion, 3DS Max, etc.), and is invaluable in setting up the workspace to both be easy on the eyes, to emulate the viewing experience, as well as to frame the work against a neutral background so as not to adversely influence color perception.

I see the GUI adjustment as important - pixel bender I could care less about. But it's important to you. One man's innovation is another's feature creep. I guess the best way to judge innovation and product improvement is to ask yourself, "if I went back to InDesign CS3, what would I miss most?". The answer, after tossing the various bug fixes, might include some innovative features which you now take for granted in your day to day work...

Joe Bourke
Owner/Creative Director
Bourke Media

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