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4k editing PC build for use with Adobe CC

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Jake Rose
4k editing PC build for use with Adobe CC
on Aug 10, 2015 at 7:18:13 pm


I am building a PC for video editing only. No gaming, no overclocking, and no SLI.
I'm primarily a camera person who wants a machine that can handle footage from the latest professional cameras. I'll mostly use Premiere with a bit of After Effects. I'd love to cut the cost of this build...could I get a cheaper GPU? A more basic motherboard? Or, is there something I need to beef up a bit? I definitely want an x99 machine to be as future-proof as possible.
Please comment at will, thank you!

It's a 5820k machine, with 16GB of DDR4, and a MSI GTX 960 4GB. I plan to add a thunderbolt based device to output a video signal to a tv monitor, and additional audio devices are likely as well. See the pc part picker link below for details.

Budget is $1500 or less...again, this is purely a video editing machine. I want smooth playback of 4k video at full resolution, I might do some editing with two or three tracks of 4k running at once but not often. I don't have to be able to handle RAW 4k, but if I can make that work than great.

Also, I'll probably not get the case I have listed and find one specifically for quiet operation. Fry's has a case in-store that is lined with foam. Quiet is the name of the game for me!!! That's why I am willing to spend extra on the Noctua fans. Quiet quiet quiet! Also, I DO NOT care what it looks like inside. Nothing has to be color coordinated.

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Herbert van der wegen
Re: 4k editing PC build for use with Adobe CC
on Aug 16, 2015 at 1:54:58 am

Get a mainboard which supports fast PCIe Gen3x16 slots for your video card, raid controller, and such. The mainboard you chose (gigabyte) does not support any x16 slots at all.

According to the generic PC configuration guide ( you should also be careful about which slots to use. Some must be avoided to prevent overall system performance degradation (page 20). I quote their configuration guide as a general "how-to" for best 4k performance.

I would switch out the one you have currently selected with a mainboard which does support higher bandwidth PCIe lanes.

Also, I would increase the PSU to one with a bit more wattage and quality, although it is a fair PSU quality-wise on the lower end of the PSU market. If you want silent, perhaps consider a higher quality PSU which remains completely silent even at around 400 watts and below which your system will be doing at load I suspect (example: EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2). More expensive, of course.

System: Win7 64bit - i7 920@3.6Ghz, p6t Deluxe v1, 48gb (6x8gb RipjawsX), ATI 7970 3gb, EVGA 590 3GB, Revodrive X2 240gb, e-mu 1820. Screens: 2 x Samsung s27a850ds 2560x1440, HP 1920x1200 in portrait mode

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Jake Rose
Re: 4k editing PC build for use with Adobe CC
on Aug 24, 2015 at 3:10:41 pm
Last Edited By Jake Rose on Aug 24, 2015 at 3:11:24 pm

Thanks for advice on PSU, I am always looking to reduce noise.

This board does support PCI 3.0 x16...according to B&H:

4 x PCIe 3.0 x16 slots, support up to 3-way mode
1-Way Mode: x16/ x0/ x0/ x0
2-Way Mode: x16/ x16/ x0/ x0*, 16/ x8/ x0/ x0**
3-Way Mode: x16/ x16/ x0/ x8*, x8/ x8/ x8/ x0** 1
Please Note:

*For the CPU that supports 40 PCIe lanes. **For the CPU that supports 28 PCIe lanes.

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