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Corrupting files saving to NTFS disc from Mac with Paragon

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Conrad Olson
Corrupting files saving to NTFS disc from Mac with Paragon
on Jan 8, 2014 at 9:13:51 pm

A couple of months ago we bought a new iMac. Before that I had been working with CC on my PC laptop, but the 27" screen on the iMac it too tempting to ignore now so I'm mainly working on that.

I am working on a big project that is mainly saved onto a G-RAID drive that is formatted to NTFS because I started the work on my PC. I have installed Paragon on the Mac and it all seems fine.


The first time I worked with the Premier Pro project that I had started on the PC, I spent an evening editing with it on the Mac and saved a new version of the project file to the NTFS disk. When I came back to it the next day it had corrupted and wouldn't open on either the Mac or the PC. The previous 45 mins of auto-saved files had the same problem. Luckily I had exported a version of the sequence and it wasn't that much work to re-build it.

I had a hunch that it was caused by Paragon but I didn't want to waste time doing tests and risk loosing more work.

Since then I have been using Premier on the iMac, but saving the project files to my Dropbox, on the internal drive, while still using the media on the external G-RAID. I've done several projects and not had any problems with corrupt files.

This week I started a simple After Effects project, and without thinking, saved it to the G-RAID. I have opened and saved the project a few times without a problem but then this morning, when I tried to open it I got the error: "After Effects error: missing data in file. (33 :: 4)".

This leads me to the conclusion that there are issues with the CC products writing to an NTFS drive using Paragon. I could be completely wrong though. Has anyone else had any experience with issues like this?


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Faye Hellner
Re: Corrupting files saving to NTFS disc from Mac with Paragon
on Mar 29, 2015 at 7:42:20 pm


While many people on the internet praise about the Paragon NTFS, I have had my share of disappointment in this software. My line of work requires me to have both Mac and PC, I started using both platforms even before cloud services became popular - I used to own 2 external HD, one for each platform and use USBs (FAT32) to transfer files between HDs to back up my files. Then Paragon came along, I test drove it, i liked it and I bought it. It was pretty good for the first few months, then my external HD began to unmount automatically for no reason. This went on for weeks, eventually I gave up and bought another HD. Same thing happened to the new HD after a while. I never had a problem like this before using paragon. Luckily, my files were not corrupted, it just gets super annoying when the HD unmounts itself in the middle of a file transfer and you can imagine how long it took me to take my files (ALL 2TB of it) out of the HD to a safe place. Like you, I am no IT expert, so I can't really finger point the paragon is the suspect that caused all HD failures, but I STRONGLY believe that it has something to do with it. Bottom line: I think Paragon NTFS is a good idea / a noble concept, it certainly bridges the gap between various platforms, however, I am really skeptical about the reliability of this software and what it does to HDs. With Dropbox and other thousands of similar services out there in the market, I think it's easier and a lot safer. With that said, I would still manually back up my files to external HDs from time to time (I don't fully trust cloud services either). Reason? I just lost 12 years of emails because Yahoo had a "system failure" a few years back and there's nothing they can do about it (google "Yahoo lost emails CEO apologizes). The point is, a 100% fool proof storage system DOES NOT EXIST.

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