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marcus lyall
Online support.
on Nov 19, 2013 at 8:11:09 pm
Last Edited By marcus lyall on Nov 19, 2013 at 9:04:52 pm

Chatting online to Adobe.
It's not really support, is it?
More of a way to just wind yourself up over a few hours.

I'm about two hours into an online chat and slowly realising exactly how little these people actually know about the licensing issues in CC.
It's like a strange purgatory that Adobe have invented to torment their customers.

I'm not sure I've ever experienced anything so incompetent in twenty years of using computers. It makes British utilities look like paragons of customer care. Which is really difficult.I was going to post a transcript of my online chat. But it has now reached novel-length.

What is worse is that by strange coincidence, someone I know actually helped set up these support centres for Adobe. I am going to kick his head in when I see him.

The people who have been left in front of inadequate support scripts are not to blame.
It's the fact that Adobe have so under-resourced this part of their operation that it is impossible to get any actual quality support.
I am having the kind of issue that should take about 10 mins to sort out, but as you can see I have the time to write an entire diatribe (and build a website) in the time it takes to get a response.

I've realised that I've been subscribing to CC for the best part of a year, and that we've barely used it, because of the problems with cloud licensing. It was the same with CS6 when we rented it.
Licenses just kept dropping off the radar in the middle of projects.

If the idea is to have people subscribe, Adobe, you really need to get your act together.

We already don't like the subscription model. It's crap.
But your support seems to be about rubbing it in our faces.


I am now getting somewhere.
Adobe have taken hold of my machines and are remotely sorting the problem out. I'm well into the third hour of this.


It's now 9pm. I started doing this at around 5pm.
I now have 3 machines licensed to CC. It has taken around 4 hours in total to do this.
Thanks to a bloke calling himself 'Poloumi Dey' on the chat.
He got the problem solved quickly once we got remote connection sorted.

They had to remote in to the machines and manually textedit some files in the Mac system. Not sure if they had to do something else on their end.

The actual 'doing it' bit took about an hour or less.
What took the time is the endless triage beforehand.
Mostly unneccessary.

What a waste of an evening.

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