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Actionscript 3 (or anything) instead of MOGRTs?

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rick nweg
Actionscript 3 (or anything) instead of MOGRTs?
on Mar 15, 2019 at 10:15:38 pm

Hey there,

So, I used to do a lot of actionscript 3. Websites, FB-Apps etc. I do not miss Flash in the web browser. But I do miss coding in as3.
But even before Steve Jobs "killed" Flash, I transitioned to motion graphics and using After Effects and Maya / Cinema 4D.
After some years of working as a freelancer I ended up working for a broadcast station. Here we use a lot of templates for infographics (lower thirds, packshots, endslates, etc).

Before I came here, the usual workflow would be that the editor/cutter would open After Effects where they would find a "EDIT-Comp" with text fields to fill in text and things like color or alignment. Then there could things like a "FOOTAGE-Comp" and/or a "LOGO-Comp" where they could paste video and graphics. In the end they would render the "RENDER-Comp" and get their final dirty clip as prores or mxf.

Now we started to work with MOGRTs, which is nice since the cutter doesn't have to leave premiere for their work and no one can accidentally delete or move something in the template.

BUT, the MOGRTs are very limited and not flexible at all (no blendmodes or effects pass through to the premiere footage, textfields are clunky, no custom images can be loaded).

So my actual question would be, after not having dealt with Flash or Actionscript3 in several years:

Would it be somehow possible to create a standalone Flash/Actionscript app where the cutter can load images and or videos (broadcast quality) in, do some textediting and settings and then export a video in broadcast quality?

How are you dealing with this?

Thank you very much for any input,


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