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QNAP TVS-1282T3 and FCPX 10.4

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jose caban
QNAP TVS-1282T3 and FCPX 10.4
on May 26, 2018 at 7:53:05 pm

Let me start by saying I am a Director, Camera Operator, Graphic Artist and Video editor. I am NOT a network IT guy. I have built computers all my life including my last 2 hackintoshes so I am tech savvy al though.

I recently purchased a QNAP and I need some help setting up for Video Post Production (large sequential files).


QNAP TVS-1282T3 , 1 large thick pool
Corsair 1TB M.2 x2 (currently setup as RAID0 Read only SSD Cache)
Corsair 500GB SSD x4 (currently setup as RAID5 High speed Qtier)
WD 4TB REDS x8 (currently setup as RAID6 Lower Qtier)

*2 macbook pro's that I hook up TB3 (one with a TB2 adapter) 10.13.4 osx on both
*1 hackintosh with Solar Flare Duo 10GB SFP+ cable to the QNAP, 10.13.4 osx
* I am considering adding a used trash can mac pro or an imac pro or even a used imac in under 6 months

I have everything formatted and connected and recognized on a shared network, internet access for all devices thru the QNAP and I am using it but I have issues.


- The shared service seems intermittent in finder with smb. None of the other options (afp etc.) seem to connect. Smb comes and goes and hangs all the time. In apps as well as in finder. Yesterday it completely disconnects and I lose my recent work and have to relink in FCPX.

-I have a static IP on the QNAP I assigned it with just the auto number the AT&T router gave the QNAP on the first day. Everything else is dynamic. I am sure this is incorrect and giving me problems. I need to setup static IP on all devices.

-when i try and set jumbo 9000 packets on the osx/systemprefs/network nothing connects properly. I assume I need to do this on all devices especially the QNAP in order for this to work, so I will work that out.

-I cannot have write access to the same folder at the same time from 2 machines simultaneous. I read this was do to a setting in the shared folders section on the QNAP but I when I researched farther the QNAP says that setting is a windows only setting? I mean isnt this what a shared server is for? To read and write on the same shared drive across multiple machines simultaneous?


-RAID 6 is sooooo sloooooow write. I'm getting 240 write 950/read on all devices. I am considering RAID 10. I will sacrifice space for speed. On a side note the 10gb SFP+ hackintosh is writing at almost 400 compared to the 250 the Thunderbolts are getting? My priorities are as follows 1. Backup/Parity (i know they are diff things) 2. Speed 3. Drive Space. I am not NASA and I dont need up to the minute redundancy. If a raid fails and cannot be rebuilt and I have to revert to a backup from the previous night its not the end of the world.

-Qtier and SSD cache - Do I even need Qtier if I have a 2 TB RAID0 SSD Cache? Should this cache be read/write instead of read only? Should I just format the 4 SSD's (currently set as the high speed upper tier) into a RAID 5 separate drive? Or Maybe make them the SSD cache since there are 4 of them vs the two M.2's? With 4 drives RAID0 instead of two they should have higher read/write speeds correct?


-Obviously I would like to be able to have multiple editors(in the same room) working on a shared drive in the same folder

- Host video files locally so I can send a link with revisions to a client to view right off my server. This would eliminate my need for vimeo and uploading in general. It appears I need to tell the QNAP to encode these videos into lower res? When I try and use video share apps on the QNAP they send links to my email but half of them never work or are incompatible. Do I need my QNAPcloud for this?

- I would love to have the QNAP render things for me in the background. This seems unlikely as I would need some kind of resolve, fcpx, cinema 4d etc software directly on the QNAP operating system would I not?

- I have successfully been able to create links with myQNAPcloud app and go online to generate delivery download links to clients to download directly off my server. Is this the right way to do this?

- I would like to setup auto process where I plug a USB3 cable into the front of the QNAP and it copies the card (footage) straight into a media folder where I can move to the appropriate location after.

-what scheduled maintenance should i do and how often should I run it? ie: raid scrubbing, qtier analysis moving up/down, etc.

-Is there anything glaringly obvious my QNAP will do that I am not thinking of?

I cannot find a lot of info on the web for QNAP and video post production specifically. Part of this is like anything I do not know the proper terminology to even search properly. Any tips?

Thanks for your time,


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