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NAS for Adobe CC 2015 Illustrator / Photoshop Workflow

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John Klimeck
NAS for Adobe CC 2015 Illustrator / Photoshop Workflow
on Mar 2, 2016 at 12:53:09 am

Reposting under new username:

NAS for Adobe CC 2015 Illustrator / Photoshop Workflow

An Apple Sys Eng, looking to do a NAS for Adobe CC 2015 Illustrator / Photoshop Workflow, Adobe Ilustrator files are on the NAS (not local), Gig Ethernet.

It has been many years for me, back in the day doing XSAN with Promise or Xserve RAIDS.

Illustrator files will be on the server and GIS (geographic / mapping) data is brought in via an Illustrator plugin. GIS data is also on the server / storage volume.

Currently the client is using an old cheese grater Mac Pro, OS X Server, Gig E, very old switches, with AFP, and some eSATA connected drives. (no RAID).

I am thinking we can use a Mac Mini with SSD for OS X Server racked into a Sonnet 1U rack with a 10 Gb fibre Ethernet card, going to one of the 10 Gb ports on the Cisco switch.

Connected to a Promise VTrak E630 (or other very reliable) RAID box, Active / Active controllers, 8 Gb Fibre Channel connected back to the Mini via ATTO FC card in Sonnet rack.

So the question is RAID hardware. So, what are people using for RAID hardware these days in a corporate Adobe CC 2015 workflow. Has to be racked in a closet. I would think something along the lines of Promise, etc.

As an aside, I am sure most are aware of Apple's SMB 3 issue with certain NAS hardware (and the vendor's specific implementation) of SMB 3 (read NetApp). Currently NetApp does not support jumbo frames. Hence why in our environment, any Mac going to a NetApp share, uses NFS, and not SMB. Very fast and very stable.

I would probably do AFP or NFS, and skip SMB.

Also, looking at ProMax Studio Platform, can get pricey, and I believe it's iSCSI only.



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Bob Zelin
Re: NAS for Adobe CC 2015 Illustrator / Photoshop Workflow
on Mar 2, 2016 at 3:56:38 am

Hi John -
first time poster, huh ? Your with Fox Networks Group, and you consider a ProMax Platform pricey ? Yet you don't consider NetApp and full XSAN systems pricy ?

Time for you to browse Creative Cow - not only this forum and the other forums, but to look at some of the ads. Or perhaps you can contact one of the wonderful VAR dealers in LA that can assist you with this. I know for a fact (as I am a Fox vendor in Florida) that Fox is already dealing with a lot of pro video dealers, and Apple VAR's (not the Apple store) that know how to do this. And no one is using Cisco switches. Not for this application.

And Illustrator / Photoshop is LOW BANDWIDTH stuff - any NAS will work. If you were doing Premiere or After Effects, that's another story.

Bob Zelin

Bob Zelin
Rescue 1, Inc.

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