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10 GBE Synology NAS for 1080p RAW CinemaDNG video editing

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Jean-David Cimus
10 GBE Synology NAS for 1080p RAW CinemaDNG video editing
on Apr 15, 2015 at 2:42:59 am

Hi all

I'm working on a self-funded project for documentary movie production, and trying to get the best setting I get with my setup.
I have a Synology ds2015xs in RAID6 (but also tried RAID 5 and RAID0, with various qty of HD), with 10GBe link to my macbookpro (running Mavericks), using a SanLink2 .

Running Quickbench I get good sequential read speeds, in the 500 - 700 MB/s range. The 10GBE link works perfectly.
However, I'm using CinemaDng raw files at about 50MB/s for each camera.
It works perfectly with a one camera workflow. Testing a multicam workflow, it's globally working, but I get some dropped frames every few seconds. My interpretation is that there is a problem of random access performance, as I don't get this issues in ProRes files, because CinemaDNG come with one file for each frame, rather than a bigger file for a sequence.

My requirement would be to use Premiere to cut 2 or 3 FullHD CinemaDNG streams (@50MB/s each) without having to make any ProRes conversion.

So I would like to know precisely where the bottleneck is. Should I get better results with a TB2 DAS (Areca type)? Can I make any optimisation with my actual setup? Can I change specific network parameters on the mac side or the NAS side ? Would an update to ds3615xs bring any improvement? An update to Yosemite and DSM 5.2 on the Synology using SMB3 rather than AFP? I would still prefer a NAS solution over DAS for its flexibility.

I'm willing to make any relevant test and share results with the community.

Thanks in advance for any advice, I welcome any opinion:-)


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Max Trautner
Re: 10 GBE Synology NAS for 1080p RAW CinemaDNG video editing
on Jun 9, 2015 at 3:48:05 pm

You've probably already figured out a solution or a workaround, but I wanted to mention for others that this is most likely a latency issue from using RAID 6.

You've got the sustained throughput right, but when your drives have to seek around to grab frames from different areas of the disk or array that's where you're dropping frames.

I've seen some charts indicating that RAID 10 provides the lowest latency of the usable RAID levels.

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Craig Ricker
Re: 10 GBE Synology NAS for 1080p RAW CinemaDNG video editing
on Jul 16, 2015 at 10:26:39 am

Can we get an update on what your outcome and solution choice was?

We have a Synology RackStation RS3614xs and currently loaded up with 8 x 6TB WD Red drives in Raid 6.

Currently we edit directly from raid 10 internally on each of our 3 Mac Pro's, and just use the NAS for shared storage, final masters, nightly backups of the raid 10's, shared dropbox, initial placement of new footage coming in from the field.

I have been looking into MAM systems and am pretty sold on a editshare solution, although was wondering if we couldn't simply edit directly from the NAS, as we can use 10Gb ethernet from the NAS.

But if random access times are slow, then i'm thinking we'll want to go with an entire storage solution with editshare xserve ST to avoid this.

Currently were only mucking around in compressed HD, but were moving to compressed 4k our mezzanine format will be 4k pro res LT. So 50MB/s file sizes.

Anyway an update on your synology NAS performance would be appreciated.

Mac Pro 2.4Ghz 8 core, 24GB RAM, GTX 670

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