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ayush sharma
Storyboarding software
on Jun 28, 2016 at 2:41:31 pm

‘m planning to work on a 20-30 minutes video project with a restricted group of people (5-10) but AFAIK i’m the only one with a (scattered) vision of what to do and how. This is an indie project, well more than indie: consider that i proposed a BlackMagic Pocket Cinema and i didnt get much consensus. I’ve been told that the friend’s camera would suffice (an old PAL recorder, but i don’t want even to start moving a thumb if we cannot start working in full hd). The project should consider also a few 3D compositing for some scenes (i’m planning to use my HitFilm Pro license, it’s not Nuke but should be enough for that project).

What i miss is a storyboarding app that let me communicate my vision to the rest of the team (and maybe they will start to understand that an higher budget is necessary and maybe we will start looking for sponsors), and that lets me apply quick changes based on other people feedback. This would be useful also when we go hunting for sponsors.

I think i need a timeline, being able to create scenes, simple camera moves (don’t know if i really need layer animation) and the possibility to add the soundtrack for proper timing of the shots. I’d like to be able to produce an animatic to be viewed with all the other people.

Looking at Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, it’s nice but costly for this project budged so i looked at the non pro version but it seems to be a bit too more cutted down for my taste. Anyone had experience with this kind of software, or alternatives from other producers? Are they really useful for this kind of projects or are they only fried air and better pencil and paper?


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