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Compare Sony NX30 vs Canon XA20

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Pamela Hoge
Compare Sony NX30 vs Canon XA20
on Nov 19, 2013 at 10:22:51 pm

I am looking for a ultra light weight professional video camcorder and have narrowed my search to the Sony NX30 or the Canon XA20.
I make documentaries, educational and art videos.
I like avoiding lights when ever possible and use the camera handheld frequently.
If anyone has tried both of these cameras I would greatly appreciate your opinion.

I've compared their marked differences as follows:
effective pixels - Sony 6.8; Canon 2.9
recording rate - Sony 28MB; Canon 35MB
zoom - Sony 10x; Canon 20x
stablilizer - Canon good; Sony amazing
lux - Sony 3; Canon 1.2

My questions:
1- Are they both equally compatible with fcp 6 and 10? If I use the MPEG4 on the Canon is the quality less?
2- Is the Sony stabilizer so great that it makes up for the higher lux, shorter zoom and MB?
3- Is the Canon low lux video quality such that zooming in post with the Sony would be just as good or better?
4- Would the 10x zoom be too frustrating if I'm use to a 20x?
5- Is the audio comparable and professional sounding when using the XLR attachment?
6- Is the internal mic on both actually usable? and is the Sony better?

Thanks for any input.
I'm new to the forum.

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