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Alan Howard
test post
on Oct 23, 2013 at 12:55:12 pm

This keeps cropping up and is driving me nuts, but I have to ask is it just me???
Generally when I frame a shot I try to place the eyes on the 2/3rds line ... matching the eyeline between different sizes of shots becomes an instinct ... when I cut from a wideish shot to a closer shot several clients have complained that I've cut the top of the head off (often I'll letter box to narrower than 16:9 cos it looks great).
Choosing between that or cutting between shots of a similar size, or including the very top of their head, but bringing the eyes to the centre of the screen, it seems that "cropping the cranium" seems by far the best aesthetic option ....
I've been making TV for 20 years and it's online newbie clients that seem to have read somewhere that this is "to be avoided" ... I know it's all a matter of choice, but does anyone else feel this is bad camerawork ?? Did I skip that lesson? see still for example

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