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Shotgun Microphone suggestions

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Fred Bruder
Shotgun Microphone suggestions
on Jan 18, 2013 at 12:34:35 am

As I am new to the forum please bear with me as I have some questions regarding shotgun microphones. I am currently looking to purchase a long shotgun microphone. I have read through numerous posts that memebers have written in about specific microphones saying that one is better than the next with respect to models that are currently available,i.e., sennheiser, sanken. etc.

While I realize that you get what you pay for, I'm trying to approach the money/quality issue, by trying to "back peddle" a little. While money is an issue, I do not really want to spend money to purchase an inexpensive microphone as I realize this is most likely a waste of money only to get poor quality.

My question is this - Is there any merit to trying to purchase an older discontinued microphone like a Sennheiser 415T, 815T, in lieu of a current 416 or MKH70. I realize that service and parts may not be available for these mics but does thier quality surpass the bulk of the newer less expensive models, or are their specs much worse than anything currently out there. Keep in mind I have a sound devices 302 mixer so the T power issue is not a problem.

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