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JVC GY-HD110E causes drop outs when capturing HDV from tape to NLE.

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Seamus Byrne
JVC GY-HD110E causes drop outs when capturing HDV from tape to NLE.
on Aug 28, 2010 at 3:11:42 pm

Currently I shoot HDV 720p25 directly onto my MR-HD100 hard disc which is Firewire linked to my GY-HD110E camcorder. No problems.

Reason I bought the MR-HD100 hard disc was to eliminate drop outs caused while capturing the JVC tapes onto Avid Liquid, or via HDVSplit onto another computer. These drop outs are very annoying because they are only seen while playing back the computer NLE timeline. The capturing software doesn't indicate there has been a drop out from a HDV tape, while it immediately does if the source is a DV tape.

If I play back the HDV tapes on the camcorder and view them directly on an external screen - no drop outs.

I have a bunch of HDV tapes (best quality JVC made for ProHD camcorders) recorded both in 720p25 and 720p30. And I'd like to get this stuff into my computer drop out free. The drop outs never occur in the same place, so my workaround is to capture to computer twice and edit in a fix - very time consuming.

Just to test, I captured one of my tapes by playing it on the camcorder and recording into my MR-HD100. To my amazement, it produced these 'invisible' drop outs, again only seen when played back on the NLE computer.

1. It's not the computers or NLEs that are at fault.
2. It's not the tapes, as they play back faultlessly when simply viewed in playback mode. And drop outs never appear in the same place when captured to NLEs.
3. It must be the camcorder itself that is producing 'skips' only while the tapes are being captured either by a computer or a standalone hard drive.
4. Dirty camcorder heads are not the problem, since picture quality is perfect.

If anyone has come across this problem and has a solution, I'd love to hear about it. I contacted JVC in the UK and they never heard of the problem!

My only temporary solution is to play my tapes in a BR-HD50 and capture from there...

Thanks in advance,

Seamus Byrne.


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Patrick Forestell
Re: JVC GY-HD110E causes drop outs when capturing HDV from tape to NLE.
on Sep 8, 2010 at 10:55:07 pm

I have the same problem with my HD200UB.

I use tape strickly in cast if the Focus drive fails which so far has not.

When I need to capture I don't use AVID MC, it is a waste of time with AVID ingesting
Group of Pictures HDV compression schemes.

Instead, and less touchy is Vegas 9 Pro, it is less
likely to pick up the drop out influnces that the JVC 200UB deck introduces. In case there is a drop out, the cut number in Vegas changes even though Vegas never notes a drop out actually occured. In that
case, I back the tape back a bit and re capture and then when your done capturing you
have to match the frames where the drop out was and make an edit.

It takes awhile to do this and it was op error that failed the Focus not the Focus a few times.



PS: I agree, it is not actually drop outs, it is something the JVC deck intorduces in the group of pics that confuses the NLE.

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Will Granzier
Re: JVC GY-HD110E causes drop outs when capturing HDV from tape to NLE.
on Sep 13, 2010 at 4:42:08 am

Hi Seamus

Ok I had the same issue and youre right its not tape or head related. I initially thought is was. Does the drop out appear in small squares at random in the timeline ? It would look as if someone took a shotgun to the footage and it would be in burst at random. But look at the footage on the tape, Its all A OK ?

For me it was a hardware failure on my G5dual. Got the video card sorted and that solved it. BTW, what NLE do you use ?

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Seamus Byrne
Re: JVC GY-HD110E causes drop outs when capturing HDV from tape to NLE.
on Sep 13, 2010 at 9:55:54 am

Thanks for the responses.

My NLE is Avid Liquid. But even capturing with HDVSplit produces the 'droppouts'. And they are 'invisible' on the timeline. You only notice them when something is missing in the picture flow. Then you rewind (the timeline), play forward and realize that a few frames have been left out.

I borrowed a JVC BR-HD50 deck and Liquid is capturing from it perfectly - absolutely no 'droppouts' at all.

Has anyone out there captured from the JVC GY-HD110 into Avid Liquid 7.2 (or any other NLE) without any problems?

Maybe it's just a faulty chip/connection on my camcorder's board.



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