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A Lot to Chew On

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Rich Image
A Lot to Chew On
on Dec 9, 2008 at 5:23:14 am

I'm sorry but this may take a while:

I've been reviewing this forum for some time. I can't seem to get a concrete answer to the following JVC workflow. It seems everyone is having problems getting HDV footage shot on a JVC camera into Final Cut. I shoot on a JVC 200U.....I have a JVC BR-HD50 playback/record deck to get the footage into Final cut.

I just purchased a fancy new 8 core quad something from apple after my G5 started to slow down.
Heck it was time to upgrade after 3 years right? and it's deductible.

I'm not in love with 24p. It probably looks better to the professionals, but really, when do you work for other video professionals that can tell the difference?.. most of my corporate clients wouldn't know 24p from Adam. I recall a post right here on the cow that said ...

" If your shooting 24p because someone told you that's what all the professionals shoot......I suggest that you consider spending hyour money on a 1/4 warm black promist and improve your lighting....both will do far more to improve your look than 24 P"

I'm scared to death to load my brand spankin new Final Cut Studio 2 upgrade. It appears that there have been some real issues with loading JVC HDV footage using final cut 6. I'm thinking I should stay with 5.1 and try to sell 6 on E-bay.

Please someone, anyone.....
advise me.....I'v e been shooting HDV in the sony format for a couple of years but I bought the JVC because,for an old Betacam guy, its so much easier. Switches on the outside instead of menu's six deep are a blessing.

So I would appreciate any input, good or bad.

Again I have a JVC 200U I normally shoot HDV 60P when I have enough light.
I will venture into the land of HDV 30p once in a while if I need a little more light sensitivity.
Anything not advisable there? Does the 30p look "close" to 24 p?
Will shooting 30 or 60 p eliminate the issues with loading footage?

I have a JVC BR-HD 50 to load the footage.

I have final Cut 5.1 and will use that until I get an assurance that this whole loading thing will work with final cut 6. What settings or dropdowns do I use to import the footage. A previous post here said that they have had success in using the SONY HDV preset (will that really work)?

And what's all this about not being able to enter in points and out points without a 7 second pre-roll on every shot? What's the deal with that?

So should I just go back to shooting DV, since most of my clients want a DVD in the end anyway?
I still think that the down convert to MPEG 2 would probably still look better than DV.

There's a lot to chew on. I await your comments.


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Johnny Clark
Re: A Lot to Chew On
on Dec 11, 2008 at 2:20:21 pm

I certainly applaud your discretion to get some info before making the plunge to upgrade. Most of the issues have been with PPC users and FCP6. I am going to try a test today with a new intel mac and try to get to the bottom of this. FCS2 is actually really great once everything is working as it should...
As far as 24p, 30 and 60p are concerned, use what you fancy. If you prefer 60 and your clients do then there you have it. I always tell people to go for their own signature look. Once you have a style and a look people will recognize your work and seek you out for it. Hope this all helps.

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Rich Image
Re: A Lot to Chew On
on Dec 11, 2008 at 3:36:35 pm

Thanks for you response. I will look forward to hearing if you have any thoughts after your tests. Its good to know at this point the problems have been primarily with the PPC processor (now that I'm on an Intel).

From what I've seen on the forums.....If you can figure this out, you will have found the holy grail....a lot of people love the camera but hate the workflow. By the way the back of a number of magazines promote the workflow of the JVC camera and Final Cut......If you look at the fine print, they reference an external hard drive as the capture source, not tape.


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Johnny Clark
Re: A Lot to Chew On
on Dec 11, 2008 at 3:42:48 pm

Hey Rich,
Just got done testing and posted a new topic.
It is as I thought with Intel's working and PPC's not.
It stinks for everyone using a PPC but that's just the way it is...
You should be cool to go ahead with your new smokin' system without problems.
Congrats on all the great gear and I wish you the best success with all of your projects.
Let us know when you have everything up and running as the positive momentum for JVC users would be good. Thanks.

Johnny C

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