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IDX Adaptor Blows Fuse

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Peter Ward
IDX Adaptor Blows Fuse
on Apr 22, 2008 at 8:32:45 pm


I just purchased the IDX HD100 adapter, for my HD110U, along with two Endura 7 powerlink batteries and the dual port sequential charger with XLR.

My hope was to power a 50W quarzt-halogen, the Bescor 635, from the D-tap. The D-tap specifies a limit of 50W. Using two batteries I ran the camera (in standby) and light for about 10 minutes then noticed a sharp drop in voltage (~16 to <15) and then the fuse blew. The adapter plate uses a single 5A 250V fuse for both camera and axillary power. (The camera is rated at 17W in record mode by JVC.)

My question is, is the lesson here that I overloaded the better system therefore cannot actually use a 50W; or could a short somewhere have caused this since the blow was not immediate? I switched lamps to a 20W which I was able to run for about 30 minutes--at which time I got bored and switched it off--without the fuse blowing and with a stable steady voltage drop using the same cables (the cable that's integral to the light and an admittedly cheap Switronics XLR to D-tap adapter cable).

I should note that when powering the 50W lamp from the charger , which is rated 60W, it does seem to be putting a fair amount of strain on the unit. When the light is switched on the charger/ac adapter pings several times and the LED blinks creating a delay before the light comes on. Using the 20W I get none of this and power is supplied instantly.



PS: The only replacement fuse I was able to find of the same voltage and amperage was a time delay. Is this the correct type to use?

Bescor MPL 635 12V on camera light

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johnny clark
Re: IDX Adaptor Blows Fuse
on Apr 22, 2008 at 10:08:55 pm

Hello Peter,
Sorry to hear about your problem.
My suggestion would be to use a less wattage light, say 40w instead of 50w.
DONT USE A TIME DELAY FUSE. Only fast acting fuses.
The reason for using a fast acting fuse is so in case some crazy shock jolt went into your system the fuse would blow before it got to a sensitive electronic and smoked it.
Let us know when you get the setup working and how you did it.

Johnny C

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Peter Ward
Re: IDX Adaptor Blows Fuse
on May 31, 2008 at 12:31:41 am

I've just switched to a 35w lamp, which does not blow the fuse. (It seems I can even get away with single battery, but always run dual on shoots to be safe as reseting the protection cuicute involves recharging the disabled battery.) I'm sure the cause was drawing too many amps. Since use of oncamera light is period for me, I can live with this setup and will probably invest in a battery belt for so I can use the full 100w the light can accommodate

I should note, regarding the IDX powerlink--DO NOT use two batteries with asymmetric charge together. Doing so on mine caused the VTR to eat a tape!

MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo 2GHz
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Dave Sullivan
Re: IDX Adaptor Blows Fuse
on Apr 29, 2008 at 9:45:34 pm

Hello Peter,

I think you overloaded the tap dude. After you replaced the fuse, did you try just using the light on it's own? if you did, was everything OK, ie: no further blown fuses?

All the best


Creative Cow leader/JVC forum host

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