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JVC BRHD50 Capture Issues

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Braelan Murray
JVC BRHD50 Capture Issues
on Mar 6, 2008 at 5:59:50 am

Attempting to capture using FCP 5.1 and JVC BRHD50U deck. Prompt screen repeatedly reads "A new tape has been inserted in the VTR. You may wish to change the Reel settings" common when changing tapes but I'm not changing tapes! Also the deck communication status info located at the bottom center of the capture window bounces back and forth between "VTR OK" and "VTR In Local" as play stop fast forward and rewind buttons flash back and forth intermittently. All of which makes capture impossible!
Deck is connected via RS422 from AJA Kona Lhe Card (best products in the industry). All device control settings are correct (AJA Kona LH:59.94 Panasonic VTR). Control panel settings in Kona Control panel all seem to be correct. I can only guess that either the deck needs repair or the RS 422 cable is bad. Any thoughts before I start spending money? Thanks

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Chris Borjis
Re: JVC BRHD50 Capture Issues
on Mar 7, 2008 at 11:20:48 pm

try capturing it via firewire.

what is it that your capturing?

I don't think you ever want it set for 59.94, I believe
it needs to be 29.97 (yeah I know 720P is 60fps) but
final cut has an issue with that apparently.

There are some RS-422 settings in the deck itself
you may need to change to get the best most reliable
control as well, change it to: control TYPE 7

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Dave Sullivan
Re: JVC BRHD50 Capture Issues
on Mar 11, 2008 at 11:50:39 pm

Hello Braelan,

Sounds to me as if you have an dodgy connection somewhere. Turn off the machine, disconnect the deck from the card, try using a different cable/s, restart the machine, and see if this clears the problem. If it doesn't clear the problem, please let me know.
What hours do you have on the machine? The deck you have is pretty much bullet-proof, so I'm hoping for your sake that the problems you are having are due to a simple connection problem.
I agree that you should also try connecting the deck via Firewire, just to see is the deck behaves the same.
To be honest, there are quite a lot of variables with your set-up, both software, and hardware, so it might take a bit of trial, and error to find the cause.
Keep us posted.

All the best


JVC Camera/Deck forum host

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Harry Barlow
Re: JVC BRHD50 Capture Issues
on Jun 25, 2008 at 8:16:28 pm

I too have had this issue with capturing video via a Kona LH card.
Before upgrading to FCP_v6, I was able to capture over 20 hours of HD footage via the component video cables using the smpte controller. After upgrading to the latest version of software for the deck, the error messages appeared during attempted HD capture. I then upgraded to the latest OSX (Leopard) operating system and the latest FCP (FCP Studio 2 v6) and this did not resolve the problem. I have tried all the various settings on both the deck and FCP smpte controller with no luck. The deck has been back to the factory service center but they said nothing is wrong with the it. When capturing SD footage, all works fine. It appears that there might be an issue with JVCs software since other decks made by other manufacturers work just fine.

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