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Capture problems with BR-HD50 deck

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Nick Rivers
Capture problems with BR-HD50 deck
on Apr 5, 2007 at 11:37:31 pm

Hi - I'm attempting to capture footage(720-30p) recorded by a JVC GY-HD100 with the JVC BR-HD50 deck and I can't get Final Cut to capture the correct clip, as in where I set my IN/OUT points. I want to capture the entire tape from start to finish to burn a timecoded DVD of the raw footage for the client, but Final Cut keeps starting and stopping during the capture process, creating new clips, but leaving out many seconds inbetween each restart. All software is current, even the firmware for the JVC deck, and I've tried it with the "Create new clip on Start/Stop" option turned on and off, but still a no go.
Had this problem a few weeks back, only when editing HDV with the deck, DV is fine, no problems. I was hoping the latest Final Cut update 5.1.4 had fixed the situation . any one encounter this problem before?

thanks! MATT

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Justin Ferar
Re: Capture problems with BR-HD50 deck
on Apr 6, 2007 at 1:45:00 am


This is a highly documented problem with FCP and JVC's implemetation of HDV (although not in this forum yet).

In a nutshell, every time you start/stop the transport during shooting FCP will create a new clip while digitizing. FCP needs a few seconds to close each file GOP so you lose a few seconds on the next start/stop.

If you truly need a window dub then you will need a decklink or kona card. Using the cards you can digitize the whole tape via component (or HDMI with the decklink HD studio).

FCP may improve the workflow with the next release at NAB in a week.

There are other solutions for digitizing the whole tape but you will not get accurate TC for a rebuild.

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Re: Capture problems with BR-HD50 deck
on Apr 6, 2007 at 11:46:33 pm

JVC has a firmware upgrade on their download site. It might help.

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Re: Capture problems with BR-HD50 deck
on Apr 10, 2007 at 6:29:31 am

when I need timecode dvds of jvc hdv tapes, I turn on the timecode
window output on my brhd50 and record the composite out of the
deck into a panasonic dvd recorder.

works pretty well.

when shooting with the HD100 I have, I always start recording 10 seconds
before and after my shot, so it won't be a problem later. A lot of shooters
advocate that anyway.

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Ken Freed JVC
Re: Capture problems with BR-HD50 deck
on Apr 14, 2007 at 2:42:40 pm

Nick, Justin"s sentence:

"This is a highly documented problem with FCP and JVC's implemetation of HDV."

almost has it. Over a year ago while all windows NLE took an approach to HDV that had not difficulty with the approach taken by JVC, The Apple folks had a slightly different approach and since they weren't going to change (they are bigger than we are), we did what we could.

An original GY-HD100 records HDV on the tape that works on windows but FCP breaks it up. The data with this difference of approach to HDV is recorded on tape and that tape can not be changed. So nothing will help that tape although it can be run on windows NLE systems fine.

Work arounds have centered on two methods, Analog HD component with something like a Kona card. This is large data. Another method some used was to ingest the HDV into Windows using Premier with a Main Concepts plug in and then just record that file out to another HDV tape. That resulting HDV tape has the identical video (no degrdation) but has all new MPEG2TS timing that FCP can live with.

The is an update to the GY-HD100 which makes it a GY-HD100A and it is an improvement of the camera in serveral ways(this is not a 110 which is different). Improvements happen in every company since the engineers keep their jobs after we start shipping a product so they are always working on things. We thought it would be good for our customers if we put a bunch of these improvments for hard drive recording, battery operation, and some NLE operations into a free update that would benefit our customers, We did this for free for several months, up to I think July 2006. Since then a JVC service center can do the update for $179 which is a bargin since it is a few hours of bench work and you know typical rates for that are $100 or more each hour.

So look at the bottom of the GY-HD100 behind the shoulder pad (slide it back) and see if there is a small round "A" sticker. If not the camera should be updated.

The BR-HD50 has also been updated to be able to do things that were not in the origial. This can be done at a service center and also some local dealers. It can also de done by the customer.

Current rev is v1-08 in April 2007.

I think there will be a signature with my email if you have questions.

Ken Freed JVC
1700 Valley Road
Wayne, NJ 07470
(800) 526-5308 x5419

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