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I'm new with Syntheyes and something troubles me...

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Jihad Akoury
I'm new with Syntheyes and something troubles me...
on Aug 27, 2015 at 9:46:18 pm

I downloaded Syntheyes and watched some tuty theorials to learn how to use it. By the way, i'm not a pro, still in high school, but i'm planning to stydy VFX and animation.

Anyway, I'm trying to track the notebook in this scene then export it to 3ds Max

The tracking is just perfect, no sliding and trackers stick to tracking points (no camera movement). I also defined the X and Y of each tracker. But when i export the data to 3ds Max, the surface of the notebook and the grid in 3ds MAX do not match. However if i add a plane and a random object in Syntheyes, it sticks Perfectly to the notebook.

So when i try to add an object, a teapot for example or even a plane, it is created in a totally different location, so i have to edit the position each time, and it's impossible to add a plane "just under" the other object to cast shadows.

So what should i do to change the position of the grid?

Another thing please.

I face this problem even when i am tracking the camera. the grid doesn't stick to the floor in the scene. Maybe i'm doing something wrong with the 3 axis.

Can someone please teach me how to do it and fix the problem? Or do you know a good tutorial about this?

Please take in consideration that i'm not a pro and haven;t studied those things anywhere. I still have one year at school and then i will study the field. Just curious about it.

Thanks in advance!

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brian morse
Re: I'm new with Syntheyes and something troubles me...
on Aug 31, 2015 at 7:40:00 pm

Sounds like you need to setup a coordinate system. Take a look at some of the tutorials on the Syntheyes youtube channel. Lot of good info there. Also I just finished doing a course for Lynda that would help you out. I go over all of the basics of matchmaking in the course:

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sean lake
Re: I'm new with Syntheyes and something troubles me...
on Sep 10, 2015 at 8:01:54 pm

Yes, that pesky coordinate system. I too have had issues with that, especially when there's no parallax, which means even in a "3d" shot, the trackers are all on one plane and thus it's hard to establish a true coordinate system.

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