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Syntheyes Not Stabilizing

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Robert Ober
Syntheyes Not Stabilizing
on Jul 8, 2014 at 10:16:14 pm

Hello Folks,

I am trying to stablize a video shot from a moving vehicle. I cannot seem to get the video to stablize in Syntheyes. The best I have gotten so far is from AE's Warp Stabilizer and it is not very good.

After solve, etc, I am using the generate preview in the demo of Syntheyes and not seeing any improvement. I have tried different frequencies, etc.

An even more compressed version of the vid is at:

I did email support but Mr. Andersson suggested I do a non-related tutorial (flyover, which I did) and did not bother to look at the video. I guess he is selling all the Syntheyes he wants.

Any ideas? Buy the Intro version and output an ma to AE?

Robert A. Ober

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Matthew Sorrels
Re: Syntheyes Not Stabilizing
on Jul 9, 2014 at 7:27:14 am

You can't feed that shot as is into Syntheyes. It's really three shots. The jump cut at frame 353 is obvious, but Syntheyes really doesn't like the shot at the beginning once the road completely moves out of view. When the shot becomes a wall of buildings running past the tracker goes nuts. You have to break it up into at least three (maybe 4) separate shots to get a camera solve.

I don't think Syntheyes's image stabilize will generate a After Effects project with the stabilization at all. You have to use the image prep's output tab to render out the stabilized images (not sure how that works in the trial version). I did the first 145 frames this way (with a licensed Syntheyes) and compared it to After Effects own VFX stabilizer and wasn't that impressed, the results while different weren't "better". But I've never used Syntheyes to stabilize a shot (which is why I wanted to see what it would do with this). Given the way the camera moves I suspect you'd get better results with mocha's stabilize, though it would have issues with needing the shot split up as well I'd think.

Perhaps someone else with more experience with using Syntheyes for stabilization could offer some tips. I didn't do anything special though. Just loaded the first 145 frames into Syntheyes, hit the auto solve. Killed the high error trackers and re-solved. Opened the image prep panel (hit P), turned on the stabilize to filter on both translation and rotation and hit autozoom then rendered out a really blurry MP4. With frames 145 - 247 you aren't going to be able to get a camera solve at all, there isn't anything there for the solver to use for parallax. The part after that seemed to solve though.

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