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DNxHR formats, not understanding their size

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Andy Engelkemier
DNxHR formats, not understanding their size
on Feb 3, 2017 at 3:49:54 pm

This format was quoted to me as an alternative to ProRes. Given that the only mac I have can't render anything I'm working on, the only way I could render ProRes would be to render uncompressed First, then open that on the mac, then reexport to ProRes. I don't know what the big deal is about ProRes, but that seems to be what everyone wants for high quality footage. I kind of wonder if it's about the same as people insisting on you giving them a tiff, even if you didn't edit it from the camera.....which took a jpeg file in the first place. But you can't argue with people about that. It just doesn't work.

My coworker saved out an animation in frames, but to the cloud. That was a pain because it only uploads a few files at once, so took quite long to get 40 MB of files. So I though, "hey, lets package them into a format that shouldn't really remove any quality like DNxHR." The file was 5.5GB, for 40 files opf 1080 footage. So maybe he chose the wrong format? Even if you took raw images from a 25 megapixel camera, you wouldn't have a file that big at 12bit.

But I noticed there are 5 formats that include 1080p 29.97 (still angry about the 29.97 thing when we switched TV formats by the way).

So I attempted to do a quick test of those formats with a little logo animation. It is 191 frames of 1920x1080 saved as a targa sequence at 6MB per frame.
When rendered....well, I filled my hard drive with all of them, but 3 finished at least. They are between 23 and 30 GB each.
I just can't understand why the size would be so inflated. I mean, if you save every frame completely uncompressed in the worst possible format, you can't add up to sizes that large.

I've GOT to be doing something wrong, right? There's just no way the files should be that big. Is that a 32bit format?
I wish there was just a format that was basically an uncompressed zip package. So basically just take your frame sequence, add in your audio if needed, and package it as a zip, done. No compressing, but there's one file to hand off and keep track of.

So this is Clearly not the format for me to use. Anyone recommend anything else?

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