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Frame size issue - Media encoder

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Kathie Andersen
Frame size issue - Media encoder
on Dec 9, 2014 at 12:11:45 am


I am having an issue with a few video clips in a large project. These clips are not maintaining the frame size that was specified/created in Premiere Pro. That is, these clips are full frame in Premiere Pro, but are no longer full frame in Media Encoder preview and output. The clips are being reduced in size - there is now black on both left and right frame.

I have resized just about all of the original or source video clips in Premiere Pro that I am using in this project. Some have been made smaller, some have been made larger. Out of all the hundreds of clips, only a handful of clips are having this problem. I cannot find in what way these are similar to one another but different from all the rest so that they alone have this problem.

Perhaps this information about these clips will help sort it out: Original: 720z576. Resized in Premiere Pro to 768x480. Media Encoder is also 768x480.

Any suggestions will be most helpful! Thank you!

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Ryan Holmes
Re: Frame size issue - Media encoder
on Dec 9, 2014 at 4:01:21 am

What format/resolution/codec is your source footage? What format/resolution/codec are you going to in AME (what are your settings)?

Ryan Holmes

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Jeff Pulera
Re: Frame size issue - Media encoder
on Dec 9, 2014 at 2:55:27 pm

Hi Kathie,

What Ryan said. Seems that you are starting with PAL-format video, but I don't get why the 768x480 conversion - for what purpose? 768x480 is not any type of standard format. HOW are you converting the size in Premiere and for what end purpose? More info required, screen shots helpful (Sequence settings, export settings)


Jeff Pulera
Safe Harbor Computers

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Kathie Andersen
Re: Frame size issue - Media encoder
on Dec 9, 2014 at 7:03:03 pm

Thank you so very much for responding to my post. Now there is light at the end of the tunnel!

The odd output size of 768x480 is because the output is for playing full screen on a Kindle Fire which has an aspect ratio of 1:6.

The original footage is:
D1/DV PAL (1.0940)
No Fields (Progressive Scan)
25 fps

In Premiere Pro CC 2014, I have resized the original footage using the scale and height controls in the Effects Controls. The new scale and height for these shots is: 84 height x 100 width. The purpose of this resizing is so that the video fills the entire frame in the project which is 768x480. Most shots in the project have been resized in this same way (with variations on original footage specs and amount of rescaling), but no others have the issue when encoded.

I am having trouble pasting the screen shots in here - so I will type out the info:


29.97 fps
Frame Size - 768x480
Pixel Aspect Ratio - Square Pixels
Fields - No Fields (Progressive Scan)
Display Format - 30 fps Drop-Frame Timecode
Video Previews:
Preview File Format - 1-Frame Only MPEG
Codec - MPEG 1-Frame
Width - 768
Height - 480
Maximum Bit Depth and Maximum Render Quality - Unchecked

I have rendered the sequence in Premiere Pro and am using the Previews in Media Encoder.

The frame size change is evident in Media Encoder before encoding. That is, if I scrub through the preview in media encoder, the frame size of these shots is already different than in Premiere Pro. A large amoutn of black on both sides of the frame rather than filling the frame on all sides. So, it seems like no matter how I set the Media Encoder settings, these shots will not fill frame.


29.97 frame rate
Square Pixels
Main profile
3.1 level
Bitrate Encoding: VBR 2 pass
Target Bitrate: 1.2 mbps
Max Bitrate: 3 mbps
Use Max Render Quality - Checked (happens if checked or unchecked)
Use Previews - Checked (happens if checked or unchecked)

Please let me know if you need any other info --

Thank you!!


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Ryan Holmes
Re: Frame size issue - Media encoder
on Dec 10, 2014 at 12:47:50 am

Kathie - if you shot 720x576 why did you not set your timeline in Premiere to 720x576? Generally speaking, you want to edit with the same settings that you shot at....that introduces the fewest amount of problems.

You shot 720x576 and are outputting to 768x480. 720 pixels won't fill 768 pixels! :-) In order to make the footage fill the frame size you are going to have to distort it (which is sounds like you did by adjusting the effect controls for the clip.

I would recommend adjusting your sequence settings in PPro. So they should read:
Timebase: 25fps
Frame Size - 720x576
Pixel Aspect Ratio - D1/DV PAL (1.0940)
Fields - No Fields (Progressive Scan)
Display Format - 30 fps Drop-Frame Timecode

Provided you aren't going to some special display, you're output setting in Media Encoder should look the same. Unless you are specifically need 768x480 as your resolution then you should change this in Premiere Pro (create a new sequence with correct settings and copy/paste your media from your other timeline into it). If you need 768x480 for a particular reason, then we can work to accommodate that. However, that resolution is non-standard and won't comply with broadcast or web delivery (YouTube/Vimeo) or DVD. It is a completely non-standard format.

Hopefully we can work this out for you so you can get your project finished!

Ryan Holmes

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