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My DIY3 System Build Modifications. 3/4/06

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My DIY3 System Build Modifications. 3/4/06
on Mar 4, 2006 at 7:33:47 pm

Hi everybody. I am putting together my own DIY3 dual Xeon system following the DIY3 recipie with a few ingrediants changed. For my system I will be running the Matrox RTX100 extreme pro, but wanted to be able to upgrade it to something HD or HDV in the future. So here is my configuration....

Case - Thermaltake Xaser, Armor Black Full Tower #VA8000BWS = $149.99 - [ The recomended Thermaltake Highest Xaser III #v2000A was great, but I just thought that it was a bit ugly, and I didnt like the big logo runnign down the front "in your face" add ]

Power Supply - Antec TRUE550 #EPS12V = $99.99

Motherboard - Supermicro X6DAE-G2 = $425.00

Graphics card - PNY Quadro FX540v = $229.00

Graphics card additonal - PNY VCG66256XPB Geforce 6600 256MB 128-bit DDR PCI Express x16 Video Card - Retail = #124.00 [ I needed a second PCI-express video card so I can run a 3 monitor editing setup. Hopefully this cheaper one will work together with the 540 but i will have to test it and see.

Processor - 2x Intel Xeon EM64T 3.4GHz Irwindale #BX8546KG3400FA = 946.00 [ I went with this model Xeon because it included a fan, otherwise i would have to pay around $100 for additional fans for CPUs without them. ]

RAM - (2GB) of CORSAIR 1GB DDR2 400 (PC2 3200) ECC #CM73DD1024R-400 - OEM = $258.00 [ I chose Corsair over the recomended Kingston becasue with Corsair the same type ram was a lot cheaper - the kingston 2GB came to around $340. -A bit more. ]

System Drive - Maxtor EIDE133 250GB - 7200RPM = I already own from previous system.

Video Drive - Maxtor S-ATA-II 250GB OEM #6V250F0 = $96.00 [ plus an assortment of old S-ATA drives I already have. I will RAID 0 my two S-ATA 250GB drives for a 500GB S-ATA disk for editing big projects that need the highest performance.

DVD burner - External one I alrady have from previous system.

OS - WinXP Pro OEM = $146.00 [ be aware of OEM versions that you cant change your configuration ]

S-ATA-II controller card - Promise FastTrack TX2300 S-ATA-II 2-Port - OEM #FastTrack TX2300 = $56.99 [ The Motherobard only has 2 S-ATA ports on it so i needed 2 more and decided to go with S-ATA-II ]

Additional Fans - Thermaltake A2018 120mm 1 Ball, 1 Sleeve Blue LED Light Case Cooling Fan - Retail = $14.99 [ I feel the need for one more case fan in the front ]

TOTAL = $2,530.97

I will be putting this together and testing it with RTX100 this week! Wish me luck. Theres always something that goes wrong.

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Re: My DIY3 System Build Modifications. 3/4/06
on Mar 5, 2006 at 2:31:10 pm

Good luck! I'm very interested in knowing how it turns out. I'm thinking of a very similar setup, but haven't done all the detail work yet. Thanks for posting!

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