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Adobe premier audio problem

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Adobe premier audio problem
on Mar 4, 2006 at 2:43:28 pm

This is the first time i have tried to create a piece with both background music and audio effects and i have run into a serious problem in premiere. While im a capable 3d artist and animator my knowledge of the audio side of things in literally zero.

The problem is question is this,

I have the background audio music on audio channel 1 , and i have reserved audio channels 2,3,4 for overlapping sfx . when seperated out it all works fine, but, when all played at once there are small sections of silence where a lot of overlapping between channels occurs. At first i thought this was just an issue with playing it back in the program itself, but when i rendered out the test video/ audio the sound gaps were still present, on exporting the audio seperatly i found the waveform contained small areas of zero sound. As you can imagine this is something of a big problem when it comes to a good finished product.

Is this a natural audio issus, two sounds cancelling each other out?? Is there a choice between additive and subtractive mixing? Do those terms even exist? hahah.

Or is it simply that premiere is not the program to be mixing audio tracks in at all.

While its a long question, the answer is pretty short, and im really hoping someone just knows this one off the top of their heads.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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Re: Adobe premier audio problem
on Mar 6, 2006 at 8:57:10 pm

You don't by any chance have a matrox RT system do you?

I ran into a similar problem with my RT system when the Premiere scratch disk setttings for audio previews and etc. did NOT match the project settings (advanced) for the drive selections on the Matrox hardware. They had to match in both places, or there would be problems.

It's not the case if you don't have an RT system but if you do , make sure your scratch disk settings for drive letter MATCH your settings for the project using the Matrox prest.

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Diego Lopez
Re: Adobe premier audio problem
on Apr 28, 2006 at 2:20:06 am

As for dealing with possible noise cancelling in your tracks, I'm not too sure what the likelyhood of it is since I've never actually run into it by putting too many sounds together (I may have deadened some freqs but never got absolute zero). But if that's the case, you could try putting them back out of phase.

Basically, shift one over a bit so those sounds dont meet at the points equally away from the y axis (time). I haven't tried it yet, but it seems you could try to nudge one of the sounds over - slightly shift them one or two frames over to one side and see if that helps your problem. Maybe try shifting all the sounds a little in different ways and see if that helps.

If that works for the zero points and clears up your sound but makes your cues off, just trim, volume key or time-stretch the sound slightly.

A theory, yes... but hope it helps.

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