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Vegas vs Premiere Pro vs Avid - returning editor needs help

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Vegas vs Premiere Pro vs Avid - returning editor needs help
on Feb 6, 2006 at 5:01:42 pm

I have been out of editing for several years... ( DID NLE for a Fox O&O for years )

While I have a good understanding of NLE... I am not too crazy to think that things haven't greatly changed.

I am looking for an opinion about what is the best way to go for me:

My requirements:
Ability to import DV & HD clips
Add effects and tiliting ( I know the "old" CG text programs like inscriber)
Export to DVD or HD

But here is the last thing... I want to be able to expand from there.
I would like to be able to do more and I am not afraid to invest the time ( or money ) to reach that goal.

I have:
P4 3.6Ghz
1.5Gb Ram
Radeon x800pro running a multi monitor setup
4 500GB HDs - 1 for software and 3 striped together for video and audio

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Troy III
Re: Vegas vs Premiere Pro vs Avid - returning editor needs help
on Mar 28, 2006 at 4:15:48 pm

I think that in your casse the best way to go is SONY VEGAS

Ability to import SDDV and HDDV with ease (vegas capture has the ability to precisely split sceenes into descrete files so you can find view and delete unnecesary dups)

It has a very good titling tools and effects

And you can export your project with the same ease you've captured it in any format.

Not to mention that there is more. It accepts allmost all media formats and images of all relevant formats and the most important PNGs, and for the guys who give merited credits to the sound, this app is a monster.

But the most important thing - it has a fastest learnin curve of them all. And since this App is speed (hardware) scalable. You can use it in PII PC generation with no problem but the faster your hardware the faster the app.
With your setup you will be able to render your projects faster than realtime and with most of filters applied you'll be able to render realtime, not to mention the realtime editing preview.

Once you have it you are allready expanded.
You can import and export to almost every audio/video format out there and more with external codecs installed.
You have unlimited viedeo and audio tracks available and chainable plugin effects to aply.

And when it comes to voiceovers, this is the ap that has no precedent and no rival. (It's a proffessional multitrack recording studio), but proffessional recording demands professional DAC.

Se for your self, ripple and postedit riple is something that can make you very happy while inserting or removing clips from the middle of your allready finished work in timeline, not to mention the sync offset dector etc.


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Re: Vegas vs Premiere Pro vs Avid - returning editor needs help
on May 29, 2006 at 3:55:09 am

hey guys,

im new to this forum, I have just recently purchased sony vegas and its brilliant. I am very new to video editing, but am travelling overseas to the states for a month with my best mate for a wedding.

We are taking over 3 batteries, a sony dcr-trv22E and heaps of tapes so that should be enough.

Im learning how to use vegas now and so far its a breeze. highly recommended.

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