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Questions on my AspectHD editing system

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Questions on my AspectHD editing system
on Feb 5, 2006 at 9:43:57 am

I'm an editor, and working on getting into HDV feature filmmaking.

So I'm currently emptying my pockets and bank account for a pretty nice HDV editing system.

Here's how she looks (in my head anyway):
Premiere Pro 2.0 w/AspectHD v4.0
dual CPU (dual dualcore?)
4Gb RAM (more later)
1TB Storage
HDTV display
etc. etc.

My problem right now is that I can't decide if I should try and go for a dual dualcore AMD system (if I can) or stick with a dual xeon or something of that sort.

Also, I'm a fairly avid gamer, so I'm having a problem settling on the right videocard. I've read that the Nvidia Quadro series are nice for editing support, but I also enjoy the quality and 3D performance of higher end ATI cards. (I know that I definitely want HDTV out and dual displays)

Should I worry about 64bit support issues yet? (on the fence with that too)

Anybody have any suggestions for either of those questions?!! Any help would be awesome.

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John Q
Re: Questions on my AspectHD editing system
on Feb 5, 2006 at 10:44:00 pm

Be aware that Windows XP can only address 4 GB of total memory, which includes your hardware I/O addressing, like the 512 MB on your video card. As a result, you will only typically see 3 GB of usable memory in windows. Until a 64 bit version of Windows, aka Vista, is in wide release and Adobe supports it, you won't be able to use more memory.

Adobe also optimizes their code for Intel processors, so Premiere and After Effects will run faster on an Intel cpu. Dualcores are faster than a single HT cpu. On ExtremeTech tests of AFter Effects 6.5, a hyperthreading dualcore actually was slower than a non-hyperthreading dualcore, probably because this version was optimized for two cores, the best available at the time it was written.

If you check Adobe's hardware recommendations, you'll also see that After Effects works better with nVidia graphics cards than ATI.

No matter what you decide, go to the manufacturer's website and see what they recommend before spending your money.

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Re: Questions on my AspectHD editing system
on Feb 12, 2006 at 7:31:02 am

Thanks for the help. Looked at Adobe's hardware recommendations and it helped a lot. Also checked a lot of specs on some ATI and Nvidia cards.

Does anyone know, between AspectHD and Edius NX/hdv, which is the best bang for the buck? Trying to finalize my decision of which route to go.

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