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NLE Machine for Vegas

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NLE Machine for Vegas
on Jan 21, 2006 at 6:17:23 pm

Still doing research on building a NLE PC for home movies. Here is what I think so far...

Vegas 6 software seems like it will work with almost ANY configuration, including any AMD processor. No special video card required for Vegas!

Building an NLE around Vegas software sounds a lot easier than building an NLE that works with ALL video editing software.

The dual core AMD-64 4400 processor has gotten super reviews (Newegg site)! And, in the future when 64 bit windows comes out, and Vegas compiles for 64 bit processing, way ahead of the game.

So, who disagrees?

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Re: NLE Machine for Vegas
on Jan 22, 2006 at 4:57:48 am

Hi -

you know what - I am still researching my CPU as well. I keep wish-washing back and forth between the Pentium D 830 and the AMD 4400.

Here are some 'PRO- AMD' points:

a.) in Misc. newsgroups, people who are running premiere pro 1.5 using AMD opteron's say AMD runs great. (i assume it would run vegas as well)
b.) AMD chips do not have the cooling problems that intel has. this might lead to a quieter machine and less money on fans.
c.) AMD chips consume less power - therefore you might save $50 in electricity over a long period.
d.) All the hardcore nerdy gamers love AMD because its the fastest chip.

Check out these links

Pinnacle Benchmark:

e.) When I first told my technical friends / coworkers I was getting a cpu everyone told me to get AMD. not one said 'get intel'.
f.) That one link i sent you - if you read the conclusion its funny how it says 'conscious computer buyer'.

"Although the new Pentium D 900 series clearly is better than the 800 family and the firm finally manages to come close to AMD, we would still recommend an AMD based system to any conscious computer buyer due to advantages offered in terms of both performance and power consumption."

Here are my pro Intel points:

a.) Intel has hyper threading which AMD does not. A dual core Intel CPU could have 4 threads going at the same time for applications that use the hyper threading capability. This only applies to software that utilizes HT like video editing software and is maybe why in the one link I sent you that the Pentium D 830 is just as fast as the Athalon 4400+.
b.) The current standard. perhaps more supported.
c.) the video guy uses intel processors

So yeah - I don't disagree. at the same time... I can see why someone would get Intel over AMD. Let me know if I am missing any pro's / con's.

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Gary Bettan
Re: NLE Machine for Vegas
on Jan 22, 2006 at 1:23:48 pm

We're putting together our DIY machines for the next article. It's going to be dual core, and for the first time we will build more than 1 machine for the article. We're going to go with the Pentium D 930 and an AMD X2 64. We're in the final stages of research and the motherboards and parts will be ordered next week!

I'm going to post a "sneak peak" article that will be our resaearch notes. Please keep in mind that on DIY3, we ended up having to go through several builds until we got it right. We learned alot, and I am confident we've picked the best possible motherboards for the project. Hopefully our research was accurate and the official article gets posted in a couple of weeks.


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Re: NLE Machine for Vegas
on Jan 22, 2006 at 2:25:59 pm

I think it's great that you're doing both intel and amd system. It would also be great if your article included benchmarks for your systems. I found a benchmark that a guy made for PPro 1.5. Not sure if it would work the same on 2.0. Anyways, it is at this site:
I have no idea if anyone has made benchmarks for other editing systems.

Interesting to note that the fastest system he has benchmarked, an X2 4800 with 10k rpm raptors in RAID 0 scored 350 (the combined seconds required for 3 tasks), while my old 2.6Ghz pentium with a single 7200 sata drive scored 598. I would have expected a much greater difference.

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Re: NLE Machine for Vegas
on Jan 24, 2006 at 4:12:11 am

Awesome! can't wait to read the sneak peak!

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Re: NLE Machine for Vegas
on Jan 28, 2006 at 6:00:57 pm

Hey Video Guy - can we get that sneak peak today?

I am pulling the trigger on a system in a day or two and I wouldn't mind comparing notes.

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