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Need help with a video card

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Need help with a video card
on Jan 2, 2006 at 4:19:06 am

I need help choosing a video card, the main purpose I have in mind is for video editing. I read the DIY section and it seems to standby the PNY FX series. Are these still a good video card as of today? I was considering the FX540, but I want to get some more opinions before I go ahead and buy it. I am looking to run Premiere Pro 1.5 and need at least dual monitor capabilities.

BTW, exactly when where those DIY articles complied?


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Re: Need help with a video card
on Jan 2, 2006 at 10:24:19 pm

I am having the same problem figuring out what card to get. ie. the 540 vs the 1300. (And another problem I am having is figuring out whether to go with two 19" monitors or one big monitor - 23"+).

I did some quick research and from my understanding, the 540 does not support dual monitors (see this web page) I am not sure about the speed/performance differences between the two but I would assume the 1300 is much faster.

I am a 'hobbyist' just getting into this. I was talking to a friend who works in the industry and he told me at his college and on the job all of their computers have Dual LCD computer monitors and a TV preview monitor. He told me they have an expensive preview monitor since that is the actual finished product. Anyway - I was asking him if I should get a 23" monitor or 2 19" monitors and he suggested the two 19's since its all he's ever seen at work or at college. So yeah... for that reason I am leaning towards the FX1300 Quadro.

Let me know if you learn anything new about the 1300 or 540 that makes you want it or not want it.

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I'm also wondering...what video card?
on Jan 3, 2006 at 5:08:35 pm

I'm currently using an nVidia GeForce 5200FX with 128mb DDR onboard. My projects in Pinnacle Studio 9+ get awfully slow and sometimes lock up, especially when they reach the 30-minute mark or more. I recently went from 512mb dual DDR to 1GB and saw a marked difference. I figured a better video card with more onboard memory (like 256mb) would help a lot.
I saw the VideoGuys ad for the PNY Quadro 540 and put it on my wishlist. To have a card made more for NLE than for gaming sounds great. But it only has 128mb. Am I wrong to assume that 'bigger is better'? Would the Quadro 540 (I couldn't afford the more expensive models) be better than the card I have now, or a higher model nVidia with twice the memory (and half the price)? Or 'bang-for-the-buck' wise, would increasing my dual DDR ram be a better performance inhancer. Perhaps a 3+ P4 processor instead of my 2.4G? I know, 'all of the above' is best - but if I have to choose just one (and I do), what would be best?
I've been at this for several years now but am still in the dark about a lot of things like this.
Any experienced suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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