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Vid, HT, or RTX100?

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Vid, HT, or RTX100?
on Aug 10, 2005 at 7:32:41 pm


I'm building a DIY system and would like some opinions on which may provide the best "bang for the buck." I edit using Premiere and AfterFX in SD mode. HD isn't a prioriety right now, but if I could future-proof a bit, it would be welcome.

I currently have a CRT and an NTSC monitor, which I'll move to the new system. What I'd like to have is a system that would allow me to real-time (or as close to it as possible) color correct and view the timeline.

For my remaining budget, I figure I have three options:

- A HyperThread dual core CPU (840 EEE), with a cheaper video card like a Quadro FX540

- A really good dual head video card like an FX1400, or Parhelia APVe, with a single core HT CPU

- An RTX100, with a single core HT CPU with a cheaper video card like a Quadro FX540

My understanding and questions about the above are:

- Premiere likes HT CPU's. Will a 3.2gHz HT CPU be fast enough to give me usable real-time output with FX?

- The RTX100 will only do SD (which may make it obsolete quicker)

- I don't know if the FX1400's extra performance over the FX540 is a good value. nVidia provides performance numbers on their website, but it really doesn't help me with real world editing performance. On a related note, I'm not clear about HD support for the 1400. I see the 540 does support SD and HD out, but I'm confused about the 1400's capabilities. In either case, do either or both of these cards support real time acceleration (ala RTX100) or just WYSWYG output/monitoring of Premiere and A/FX?

- There are no performance specs on the APVe, so it's kind of a wild card. All I know about it is it is a dual head card. Any ideas on how it compares to the FX540 or FX1400?

All tidbids and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you!


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Re: Vid, HT, or RTX100?
on Aug 15, 2005 at 11:43:44 pm

For your three options, the RTX100 option would be your best bet if you want to get the best machine for SD RIGHT NOW. You do NOT need the Hyperthreaded dual core - just a regular dual core will be just fine and you can probably fit that into your RTX budget. If you want to have some future-proofing for HD, I recommend the ParheliaAPVe video card - as that will give you a WYSIWYG plugin for HD output to a preview monitor in Premiere.

After Effects will make use of the increased performance of the faster Quadro card. The Parhelia performance will be comparable to the Quadro 540 I believe...

Just another thought, there is a Quadro 540 "professional edition" that gives you HD output - you can use this in Premiere down the line, but you'd lose the usage of your 'dual heads' while using the HD preview.

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Questions answered!
on Aug 16, 2005 at 4:59:33 am

Hi Edward:

Thank you very much for the detailed reply. I really appreciate your expert advice and for sharing your knowledge.

Best regards,


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