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File Formats and PP1.5 (and what is "CODEC"?)

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File Formats and PP1.5 (and what is "CODEC"?)
on Aug 9, 2005 at 12:24:41 am

Okay, I'm very close to purchasing the PP 1.5 suite with a Matrox card, and I'm wondering about file formats. With PP 1.5 do I have more than one file format option? I want to edit movies from mini-DV tape and burn DVDs from the out put and also to generate small (5-10 minute) clips to e-mail around that people can click and run. Also want to store them on a web site where people can click and run them, same as they do with news clips.


Will there be a file compatibility issue somewhere down the line? Say I invest 50 hours into some editing project and then I want some real pro to take it to another level and the pro has Final Cut or some other NLE program. Will my file(s) be compatible with Final Cut if I've created them in PP1.5? Is there a universal file format that I can save my work in or convert it to?


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John Q
Re: File Formats and PP1.5 (and what is "CODEC"?)
on Aug 9, 2005 at 2:51:47 am

The Matrox RT.X100 uses a proprietary DV AVI format for working with its downloaded DV video. While the codec can be installed on other systems, the easiest way to preserve video compatibility is export the video to standard Microsoft DV AVI. Of course, I question the need to export the video to another video application, as Premiere Pro is quite a capable application, especially with the addition of the Matrox realtime plugins. With the Matrox card, you get realtime transcoding for DVD authoring, including import of chapter points into Encore. You also get Matrox accelerated export to Windows Media and Real Player web formats. Premiere adds several other formats, including QuickTime.

The Adobe Video Collection is a very powerful video suite. I'm currently editing a 3-camera shoot, where I've synchronized the video all three cameras on the timeline. To see all three cameras, I've reduced the size of each video and positioned them in separate areas of the screen. When I decide on my cuts, I throw the extra video views away and expand the good view. The audio was mixed by combining all three camera audio tracks using Audition. While I am authoring stereo, the suite can author 5.1 with an addin. The DVD will be authored using Encore, including widescreen video and motion menus. My first play was created using After Effects.

To use the files in Final Cut, you'd need to save it in a standard format, like Microsoft DV AVI, although I don't have any experience with Final Cut to know if it will accept a standard AVI file. Of course, the real problem in this case is being able to physically transfer the files, as DV uses 13 GB per hour of video.

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