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AMD Processors

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AMD Processors
on Jun 18, 2005 at 4:57:46 am

I am building my system to edit with Adobe Premiere Pro. I purchased an AMD Athalon 64 3.2G Processor.

I recently saw on the Adobe specs page that Adobe Premiere Pro does not support 64 bit processors. Is that true? Will my new processor be able to run APP, or did I just waist my money?

Someone told me that the only reason Adobe put that on their spec page is because they only tested it with Pentium Processors, so they can't say weather or not it will work with AMD.

Anyone know for sure? Videoguys?


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AMD for classroom?
on Jun 21, 2005 at 5:12:25 am

Hi, I'm looking for the same answer. I am a teacher and am sourcing out equipment for a new DV editing-capable computer lab. I can't afford to get this wrong - but must also balance that against buying equipment that will be current the longest ($$$ are few and far between).

I am thinking of an AMD 64 bit solution with an Audigy 2ZS with firewire (no separate 'capture' card - we don't need a realtime solution). For software I am considering Premiere or Vegas 6. Am I better off going with an Intel solution? (these systems need to last 5 to 6 years!) Will the firewire connection built into the Audigy be fine or cause me endless headaches?

Thanks in advance! Smile

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Re: AMD Processors
on Jun 22, 2005 at 5:11:32 am

Premiere is not optimized for 64 bit processing. However, the AMD 64 does run 32 bit applications. The only problem you'd run into would be if you were using a Matrox RT.X card which does not play nice with AMD.

5 to 6 years?!!? That's a very long time especially considering the pace of hardware and software development. Depending on your budget you may want to consider a dual core processor which may help extend the useful life of your workstations. If your budget doesn't allow, at least a single processor system with a motherboard that will allow you to upgrade to dual core later.

Personally I would say Premiere over Vegas but then that may be a concession you have to make down the road in order to get the hardware you want. In the end, they would both provide you the basic functionality you need.

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Re: AMD Processors
on Jun 22, 2005 at 5:56:01 pm

I should add that although it is not optimized for 64 bit processing, Premiere does support multithreading.

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Re: AMD Processors
on Jun 22, 2005 at 8:39:22 pm

What do you mean "multithreading?"

Here's my specs, can you tell me where I can improve:

3.2G AMD Athalon 64 Processor
Foxconn Motherboard w/ 5 PCIs and 8/4xAGP slot
nVidea 8xAGP 256ram 256bit video card
512 Kingston ram (eventually I will purchase up to 3 gigs)
4x DVD Dual Layer -R Burner
300GB 7200rpm SATA150 West. Dig. hard drive (for storage)
74GB 10,000rpm SATA150 West. Dig. hard drive (for software)

I plan to run:
Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 w/ Aspect HD Plug-in
Adobe After Effects 6.5 Pro w/ Magic Bullet Plug-in
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Adobe Illustrator CS2
Adobe Encore DVD 1.5
Adobe Audition 1.5
Discreet Cleaner XL

Windows XP Pro 64 Bit

By the way, will I be able to purchase and run that new 64 bit version of Windows XP?

Someone also said I can run Premiere in 32 bit mode. How do I do this, and will my OS effect this since it is Windows 64 bit? And will editing in 32 bit mode effect anything else like the quality that I see on my broadcast monitor or my computer monitor itself? And can I just run Premire in 32 and the rest of my applications in 64? Better yet do any of the other softwares not run in 64 bit either? Phoshop? After Effects? I mean they are all Adobe products...

Any help is appreciated...
Videoguys, if you would like to add to this....

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Re: AMD Processors
on Jun 22, 2005 at 9:13:14 pm

Multithreaded means there are multiple instruction sets going back and forth at the same time. A mutithreaded application benefits from multiple processors or Intel's Hyperthreading (HT) Technology.

As far as applications running in 64 bit, it really depends on the application. It's not something you choose. Yes, Premiere will run in 32 bit mode as well as your other applications. There simply aren't that many applications that have been recoded to run in 64bit mode . . . yet. That's why AMD developed their 64 bit CPU's to also run 32 bit operating systems and applications.

As far as Windows 64bit, I would seriously check each and every component manufacturer's web site to make sure that they have drivers for you hardware. Windows 64 DOES NOT SUPPORT 32 bit drivers. End of story. I would also verify that there are no known issues with Windows 64bit and the applications you are planning on using. In reading through some stuff on the internet, there seem to be mixed results with applications that install and won't install. Personally, I haven't seen any compelling reason to jump on the Windows 64bit bandwagon just yet. With all things Microsoft, early adoption is usually a painful experience filled with compatibility issues and hotfixes.

Bottom line is DO YOUR HOMEWORK if you're set on using Windows 64bit.

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Re: AMD Processors
on Jun 23, 2005 at 5:44:25 pm

That pretty much answers my questions. I will not buy Windows XP Pro 64 Bit until everything else is offered and capable of runninng 64 bit. I will stick with Windows XP Pro.

I was mainly worried that my processor wouldn't run Premiere at all. But it sounds like I should not be worried, if anything I am ahead of the curve. I assume it runs all 32 bit softwares with ease?!

Do you know if there is any talk of a 64 bit version of Premiere yet?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: AMD Processors
on Jun 23, 2005 at 6:15:54 pm

Since Premiere has also been optimized to run with Windows XP, I think that's a wise choice.

As far as a 64 bit version of Premiere this is what Adobe's Senior Director, Digital Video Group had to say when asked:

Our general policy is that we can't talk about unreleased products, but as a general view Adobe goes where the market goes. So if the chip manufacturers and the OS manufacturers move to 64-bit, then Adobe's applications will move to 64-bit.

Doesn't really answer your question but assume that at some point in time all pc's will be running 64 bit chips and applications. That's a major overhaul of the entire industry though so don't expect to see it anytime soon. Personally I holding out for a quantum computer:

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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