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Do I Wait?

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Do I Wait?
on Apr 15, 2005 at 1:18:48 am

I have been planning my NLE for a few months now and was just about convinced I had it right, then along comes EM64T & Dual Core, and 955X chipsets...

I am planning an Intel based system and I intend to use Matrox XT100 Xtrem Pro.

My question is, is it worth waiting for the dual core CPU's? The reason I ask is that all the reviews indicate that video editing/rendering will definitely benefit and should also benefit from 64bit Windows BUT can the XT100 run on this type of platform and will it take advantage?

And while here on this subject, please if you have the time and are so inclined, let me know if the config below looks okay (I know the Asus XT800 is not Matrox approved but they seem to have limited PCI-Ex cards)

Mainly just conversion of old family vhs to DVD and newer MiniDV to DVD but want it to do it right and do it fast!

Case >> Cooler Master CM Stacker PAC-T01 Full Tower
CPU >> Intel 660 (2MB L2 Cache) 3.6Ghz
DVD Burner 1 >> Plextor PX-716AL DVD±R/RW 16x
DVD Burner 2 >> Pioneer DVR-A09XL 16x
Graphics Card >> Asus Extreme AX800XT PE/2DHTV 256Mb
Harddrive – Archives >> Seagate 2 x Barracuda 7200.8 2 X 400GB
Harddrive – System >> Western Digital Raptor 10,000 rpm / 8Mb 74GB
Harddrive – Video >> Western Digital Raptor 10,000 rpm / 8Mb 74GB
Keyboard/Mouse >> Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 3100
Memory DDR2 >> PDP Patriot PDC22G5600+XBLK 2GB
Monitor >> Philips 190X5 19"
Motherboard >> ASUS P5AD2-E Premium 925Ex
O/System >> Microsoft Windows XP / SP2
Powersupply >> Enermax Noisetaker EG701AX-VE(W)SFMA 600W
Sound Card >> Creative Audigy Z2 Platinum Pro
Video Capture >> Matrox RT100 Extreme Pro

Finally, for now anyway, the XT100 seems to have been around for a long time (3yrs??) without Matrox offering any update. DO you think they will intro something that will take advantage of the greater bus speeds of PCI-X in the near future or some other earth shattering inovation for which I should wait?

Thanks In Advance for any and all help.

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Re: Do I Wait?
on Apr 15, 2005 at 2:33:08 am

No sense in waiting if you are getting a hardware acceleration card. The price may drop on the older stuff but I dont see an immediate benefit for the 64-bit processors. You may be 6 months to a year away from solid drivers and known compatability. If you were just using software, the benefits would be more immediate and noticeable. Of course, there are people here who know way more than me who might say different...

ash =o)

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John Q
Re: Do I Wait?
on Apr 15, 2005 at 2:57:35 am

Eventually, the dualcores may help, but that will take time for the applications to be rewritten to do so. Check out the performance test at ExtremeTech,1558,1781870,00.asp. I would have expected the After Effects improvement to be more dramatic, if the program could take advantage of the extra two cpus.

With the RT.X100, the processors on the X100 card provide realtime hardware acceleration for the majority of effects, eliminating any speed advantage that a faster motherboard might have yielded. For example, realtime export for DVD is done by the X100, so a multiprocessor board results in no improvement. I know, because that's why I bought a dual Athlon system for my X100. It only helps when rendering is required, like in Encore and After Effects. The dualcore test shows that Adobe applications aren't helped much by the extra cpus.

Personally, I've only built systems for Matrox boards that were certified by Matrox per their specifications. They all worked. I've read a lot of posts on their forums from people that have built systems that weren't certified and have had problems.

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Gary Bettan
Re: Do I Wait?
on Apr 23, 2005 at 5:08:20 pm

Witht the RTX100, the hardware does much of the real-time lifting. So even a dual processor system is overkill. Put the RTX100 in our[url=] DIY2 machine and it screams! Out the money you save into additional storage, training or plug-ins!


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