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Should i go with the Dell Workstation, Powermac G5 or

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Should i go with the Dell Workstation, Powermac G5 or
on Apr 12, 2005 at 3:16:47 am

purchase a Matrox and build my own. i am fairly new to the Mac so i don't know if it is worth getting. I heard alot of things about how it is good for graphics but i was wondering if the Dell editing system is better the the Mac.

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Re: Should i go with the Dell Workstation, Powermac G5 or
on May 27, 2005 at 12:53:05 am

That's a difficult question. Those who own a Mac will tell you that a G5 is the best platform for graphics, video editing, etc. But then Mac owners are dedicated to Apple. They will tell you that it's a more intuitive system, more user friendly and more stable. I'm a long time pc user (both Windows and Linux). My wife has several Macs and while I think they're cool, I don't own one because I really don't feel like learning the ins and outs of the hardware and system configuration. At this point, the only thing I want to learn is how to use a new application. If something goes wrong with my pc, I can troubleshoot it without a second thought.

We sell many Windows-based Adobe Premiere/Matrox solutions and those people seem happy with what they have. Unless you're planning on using Final Cut Pro, I'd say stick with what you know.

Build your own? Again, you can go this route. I've built everyone of my last eight pc's but not to save money. Honestly, the days of saving money by building your own pc are gone. Do it because you want the satisfaction of doing it. However, building your own NLE system can get rather complicated, if stability and performance are important to you that is.

I would suggest carefully checking the system requirements of which ever editing software you plan on using. Additionally, cross reference each hardware component for compatability with other components. I'm sure that many will reply that they slapped together a system, installed Premiere or Avid Xpress Pro and have never had a problem. Depending on the software, the hardware requirements can be rather specific. For instance, if you decide to ignore Avid's system compatability and requirements list and find your system frequently locks up or freezes, the first question Avid support will ask is whether or not you're using an Avid certified system. As a certified Avid partner, I know this to be true. Bottom line with DIY is if you're not willing to do the research and legwork, you get what you get.

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