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DIY III Dual Xeon

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DIY III Dual Xeon
on Jan 20, 2005 at 12:55:59 am

When I bought my Studio Complete last May or June, i bought it with the understanding that the DIY dual processor system was in development. I had trust in you as I have spent several (just under $10k) thousand dollars with you, and you guys did wonders with the $1,000 system.

Then we were put off, "one more month, one more month" until late October when we were told it couldn't be done. No news, no information was every updated or desiminated. I had to keep calling Video Guys. My only other choices at that time were a $6,000 HP. Well I wasn't going to buy an HP, and not a $6,000 one at that. Finally Dell 670 was accepted by AVID, that at the time was $4,500 for the reccomended system. Still much higher than I anticipated.

So as of last week, My $6,000 or however much it was AVID Studio Complete is still sitting in a box. Finally not even a week ago I broke down and ordered the Dell, which with a lot of negotiating I ordered for $3,500.

So for $500 more than the DIY system, I don't have to put it together, I have 3 year Gold service warranty, they threw in a 20" wide screen LCD panel display and got them to throw in a 250 gig primary drive. Hmmm, that is an easy decision.

Hey, I love you guys, but this Dual Processor DIY promise, really ... let's say, irratated me. Not because you couldn't do it, because no one touched it for so long after it was announced, there was no communication about it for months, and by the time someone tried and failed, I was stuck with my several thousand dollar investment.

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Gary Bettan
Re: DIY III Dual Xeon
on Jan 20, 2005 at 2:15:18 am

I'm sorry you got stuck in the middle of this issue. The hold up for us was not the ability to build a dual processor system, but finding an affordable motherboard that had dual Xeons & the new PCIe bus. We just felt it would be wrong to publish the article with technology that would become obsolete so quickly.

In November a bunch of new motherboards were released based ont he Intel 915 & 925 chipsets. Although these are single processor only, we felt they packed so much cutting edge technology that we had to put it ahead of our dual dual processor solution.

It looks like we're zeroing in ont he Intel e7525 chipset. So far we've found a couple of mobo we are considering

Asus NCT-D
SuperMicro X6DAL
MSI E7525 Master-S2
Tyan S2676ANRF

These are not readily available yet in the States, and finding reviews on them has not been easy.

Gary / The Electronic Mailbox 800 323-2325
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