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4 Hard drives - where to put the DVD-WRITER

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4 Hard drives - where to put the DVD-WRITER
on Nov 23, 2004 at 7:28:02 pm


First post here - will try to keep short.

Just thought I would share my thinking and get some comments.

PC P4 2.3ghz 512mb SDRAM PCI IDE card

(MB)IDE1-----------------40GB (XP PRO plus Premiere 6.0)
(MB)IDE2-----------------160GB (Temp files for Premiere, MPEG2s)
(PCI)IDE4----------------120GB(Video Capture, DVD Extracts(vobs))

Need to decide best place for DVD_WRITER. Here's what I'm thinking

Not IDE1 so that system and programmes are not slowed

Not IDE3 so that paging is not slowed -
How significant is this? In other words, how much impact will there be on paging performance if a large file is written to the rest of the drive?

This leaves IDE2 and IDE4.

For DVD creation from captured footage the DVD_WRITER and the MPEG2s should be on separate IDEs.

1 Capture to HD on non DVD IDE, edit, write out to DV Camcorder
2 Capture to HD with DVD, convert to mpeg on HD on non DVD IDE
3 Burn from HD on non DVD IDE to DVD-writer
Seems good - have I got this right?

For DVD Backup
1 Extract from DVD to drive on non DVD IDE (using DVD Shrink)
2 Create image on .. hmmm ...problem is if in each step I am changing IDE channel I end up on the same channel as I started.

I think the answer maybe to have a slave DVD-ROM drive on say IDE2 and the slave DVD-WRITER writer on IDE4.

Question - is it worth the expense and extra power drain on power supply? I am thinking probably not - seeking your opinions - I could instead use the pagefile HD as intermediary.

Many Thanks

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Re: 4 Hard drives - where to put the DVD-WRITER
on Nov 24, 2004 at 2:54:29 am

System disk EIDE (primary master)40gb main system drive. The video files avi, mpeg disk EIDE (primary slave) 160gb disk, for audio, patches and system paging files I use a EIDE secondary slave 40gb. I use the pioneer dvd burner as secondary master. I actually swap out the 160 drive(s) with another 160 gb drive. This way if I am cramped for space on the video drive for the current projects I have another drive ready. I have an ASUS P4GE-V motherboard with 1 gb memory. This works great for me. I have found that it seems better when I let system manage the system temp. space.

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Re: 4 Hard drives - where to put the DVD-WRITER
on Nov 26, 2004 at 4:45:58 pm

Thanks for your reply - sorry haven't been able to acknowledge I was away.

I was curious about your use of the DVDWRITER as master and have since learnt about the fact that the master works independently when used on its own whereas the slave has to check with the master first even when the master is not in use. So it would make sense to make the WRITER the master.

I will be setting up the PC this weekend.

Thanks again.

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