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System Suggestions
on Sep 25, 2004 at 2:48:31 pm

I would like to get opinions on several aspects of building a system. I need to put together one system to do all (well most) of my work on. This work now includes some simple editing.

What I will be doing:
This machine needs to be my only machine. I want to set it up with multiple harddrives so when I need to capture/edit I can shut other programs down and use it for this task, but when not doing video it needs to run Flash, Dreamweaver (for dynamic sites) and Access or mysql. I am fairly comfortable choosing a system for the above, and I also know in a perfect world (I win the lottery etc etc) I would have two machines, one dedicated to editing. Since I cant afford that I have the following in mind, please let me know if you have ideas, suggestions or if I am way off track on any of the issues below. I dont expect anyone to provide all the answers, but if you have any input on any aspect, it will be greatly appreciated!(Or if there is a site I should go to for more information just let me know)

I am planning to use minimum of 1GB of RAM. I will be running Windows XP Pro. I will be using Adobe Premier for editing (its being provided). I have gotten a lot of answers from the articles on this site, but stil am unsure about the following:

I have used AMD chips for sometime, but what I have read seems to indicate I want to move to Intel. Is that true if I am looking at Opteron chips?

Assuming I go with Intel, I was looking at a P4 3.0 or greater. However, I think the budget would stand a Xeon. How does the Xeon performance compare? Is the 800 mhz FSB worth the extra money, what is the trade off beetween lower mhz with and 800 FSB and higher mhz with a 533 FSB? My thoughts if I got a Xeon are to get a dual board and single processor now and buy the second processor in March or so of next year.

I really have always had good luck with Seagate and really like what I read about the new WD Raptor drives. I was thinking along these lines:
System drive of either one 74 GB Raptor or 2 37GB Raid 0
A 250 GB Seagate 7200rpm drive in two partitions, using one as storage and the other for capture.
Two 37GB raptor drives Raid 0 for rendering
(An alternative would be to use the two 37 raid 0 configuration for capture and rendering and the large drive jsut for storage, storage of projects files from other software and finished video in mpeg format)

Should I look at PCI-Express?
It seems the cards are resonable but it looks like it will add cost to the motherboard. (ANd rule out AMD at least for now, I cant find an AMD board supporting it)

Thank you for any insight you can provide!

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Re: System Suggestions
on Sep 26, 2004 at 2:48:22 pm


If you plan to use Premiere avoid AMD for now. Check out Premiere Pro Review.

1GB of RAM sounds great.

Keep your system drive on a single drive. RAID not required for system files for video.

I would not recommend partitioning your drive. You can use folders to organize your files instead.

If you would like the better performance for rendering, then get another 250GB drive. No need to put a RAID here either. 7200RPM drives have enough bandwidth to work fine with Video.

If you keep your projects on one drive and periodically clean out and defrag that disk, video should not have a problem keeping up with your machine.

Rather than spend money on multiple processors and faster bus speeds, I would recommend you get a realtime card. This will eliminate the need to render and save strain on your processor. With the right hardware, you can even output directly to DVD without the need to transcode!

PCI-express is not an issue for the current DV systems. A respectable 1394 Card (I recommend ADS Pyro) will do great. If you need to inport Analog check out the Canopus or ADS products for this.

Also, browse this site. Gary and the rest of the videoguys have lots of great information spread all over these web pages.

Good Luck!


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Re: System Suggestions
on Oct 13, 2004 at 5:52:53 pm

Sorry it took a bit to get back to you, but I have been wrapping up other projects.

Thank you for your answers! That gave me a great place to start, and with this site and a couple of others, I think I have a plan.

I will post the final configuration when I get the thing built and it works. :)

Thank you agan,

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Re: System Suggestions
on Oct 14, 2004 at 4:10:30 pm

Good Luck,

Wrapping up a few projects of my own (grin). You should be able to put together a fine system with the components available. Good Luck and I look forward to hearing how your system runs!


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