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Difficult Decision to make regarding Hardware

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Difficult Decision to make regarding Hardware
on Sep 3, 2004 at 9:21:47 pm


Here is the issues I am trying to solve:

1 - I have many Hi8 Tapes from my Sony Hi8 Digital Handycam that I want to convert to DVD (and maybe do some editing for chapters/menus only, not too much effects are required although it would be nice...)

2 - I have recently purchased a Canopus ADVC-100 - and I am finding out that it will only convert it into DV Format onto my computer. But then someone said that the software from Nero will detect it and automagically convert it into MPEG encoding straight from the box to my DVD burner. Is this true, can this be done?

- Or should I look into the Canopus MPEGPro EMR USB Device to transfer the Hi8 tapes to DVD?

3 - Also I am looking at some DVD Burners that can just have my Sony Camera plug directly into it and burn directly to the DVD-RW discs. I am looking at some Sony models, Toshiba, and some others.

What is the best mixture to accomplish EASY video editing?

Get the Stand-Alone DVD Recorder? and just burn from my Camera to the Burner? (then if I choose I can just put the DVD into my computer and edit at a later time if need be, and then just make another version of what I already recorded)...

Keep the Canopus 100? transfer directly to MPEG format? or am I stuck at just DV Format first, then transfer it to MPEG?

Thanks for any help on this... as I would like to know the best solution to accomplish these tasks, keeping effor to a minimum since I have many many tapes of the kids over the years, I know I can not add effects to all of these videos I am making (since I want to do it quickly), but I just want to make chapters/menus for easy navigation - the Standalone DVD Burners all have this option..

... and this is the struggle I am faced with... since the Standalone DVD Burners can do Menus/Chapters out of the box, and I do not need major effects, then maybe just going from Sony DigiCam to Sony DVD Recorder would be best (and eliminate the need to hook up to the computer)? OR AM I MISSING OUT ON SOME COOL FEATURES WITH THE CANOPUS, AND THE CAPABILITIES/FLEXIBILITY I CAN GET WITH IT....

Thanks for any insight help anyone can provide as I am a novice when it comes to burning from Hi8 Tapes to DVD.


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John Q
Re: Difficult Decision to make regarding Hardware
on Sep 5, 2004 at 12:48:49 am

If you're not planning to do any fancy effects, then a standalone DVD recorder is a viable option. I would recommend getting one with a hard drive to allow you to cut your videos into separate scenes and later put together a composite DVD.

I'm currently using a Panasonic DMR-E80HS to convert all my old VHS tapes to DVD. It's a good thing, too, as some of my tapes are 25 years old and beginning to show signs of deterioration. Otherwise, it acts as my Tivo.

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Re: Difficult Decision to make regarding Hardware
on Sep 8, 2004 at 2:27:11 pm

Hey Chris

The easiest video editing is going to be with a DV AVI file - NEVER MPEG. It's funny how "MPEG" has become the new buzzword and everyone wants their videos transferred to that format.

MPEG might be nice in size but certainly not for editing applications. I would recommend importing into AVI DV files, editing those, and then encoding your final DVD-video in the DVD-MPEG format you need (possibly using the hardware card as a rendering tool?) - Not super familiar with your card, but from experience it's never good to edit MPEG.


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