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Check my planned system

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Check my planned system
on Jul 14, 2004 at 8:43:01 pm

I'm a student and have a very small amount of experience with video editing at my school Digital Media Lab. But I recently decided I need my own system. After doing some research on this site I've decided to build my own, however I know practically nothing about the inner workings of computers. If you notice any compatability issues, anything I'm missing, or have any alternate suggestions please let me know. If not, help my confidence and tell me this looks OK.

OS: Win XP Pro
Motherboard: P4C800-E Deluxe
CPU: Intel P4 3.0GHz, HT, 800MHz FSB, 1Mb L2 Cache
Mem: 2x512Mb Kingston DDR PC-3200
Video Card: PNY nVIDIA GeForce FX5900SE, 128Mb
System Drive: Maxtor 80Gb 7200rpm IDE, 8Mb buffer
Video Drive: Western Digital 200Gb, 7200rpm IDE, 8Mb buffer
DVD drive: Pioneer DVR-A07
Case: Antec Performance Plus 1080 w/ 430 W Antec power supply
Software: Liquid Edition 5.5 PRO (OR maybe Vegas 5...?)

I picked the case pretty arbitrarily...any comments/recommendations? How big of a power supply do you really need?

I noticed on the DIY challenge that the system drive was Maxtor, and video drive was WD, so I simply copied the formula. Is there any reasoning behind this? Being hardware ignorant, what is the difference between 8Mb and 2Mb buffer on the hard drives?

Any 17" LCD monitor suggestions? I'm thinking one for now, and getting a second in the near future.

My biggest problem is still deciding NLE software. I feel slightly drawn toward Vegas (I especially like what I read about it's audio capabities), but Liquid 5.5 PRO has a lot to offer, and at the same price. Any one who has experience with either or both of these, please help. As I am new at this, info on ease of use and learning curve would be helpful.

Thanks in advance for your help and enduring my newbie questions.

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Re: Check my planned system
on Jul 28, 2004 at 1:18:31 pm

Vegas is an excellent NLE though I found it hard to migrate to after using premiere, even though I had been using Acid pro for some time and it has basically the same interface. Not sure why that is. But for a new comer I would think you'd find the layout clean and intuitive.

I've been using Vegas 4.0 for a few months (in conjunction with premiere) and the real time effects are awesome. I have some gripes but they are mainly opinions that have no real bearing on the product so I won't muddle your decision with them.

I have no experience with liquid pro but I think it's a gimme that it's a top notch NLE solution. Soooooooo I believe this is a decision you could make for yourself and not have to worry about it being the wrong one.

Sheeesh...I just looked at the date on this thread. Sorry just found out about the forum so I'm going through all the posts. Cool

"I was digital when digital wasn't cool"

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