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Dual Xeon or Single Hyperthreading P4?

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Dual Xeon or Single Hyperthreading P4?
on Mar 31, 2004 at 11:18:50 pm

If cost wasn't an issue, for a workstation running Matrox Parhelia/RTX.100/Premiere Pro and plenty of RAM, which will perform the best, twin Xeon 2.8s(for example) or a single hyperthreaded P4 2.8? Thanks in advance.

Blue Skies

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John Q
Re: Dual Xeon or Single Hyperthreading P4?
on Apr 1, 2004 at 4:32:29 am

Based on my experience with my dual Athlon system, video editing is primarily I/O limited. A dual cpu system is faster than a single cpu system, if you're doing a lot of rendering, but only about 30% faster. The majority of work I do with my X100 doesn't require rendering, so the second cpu isn't helping much.

I've also compared dual cpu systems at work against HT P4's. I'd save the money and buy a fast HT P4 running Windows XP Pro, if I was going to build a new system today.

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Re: Dual Xeon or Single Hyperthreading P4?
on Jun 1, 2004 at 6:26:57 pm

well said.

see: (I concure that you might get a 20-30% benefit, disk IO being a critical unfactored factor.)

also, people who run dualies often think think that these single-application comparisons are worthless, because they don't take into account their real-world multitasking environment where dualies really shine if set up properly with good disk subsystems.

if you really multitask your system, copying LARGE files and burn DVDs and render video, photoshop files at the same time, day in & day out, dualies win.

the dual xeon mobos have better pci-x, pci-64 bit support, so if you have a u320 scsi controller or gigraid controller that competes for that PCI bus, then it's a big advantage to go dual if you run drives on diff channels (sata raid, scsi raid0, etc) - you can build a screamer.

but if you just want to render dv, and you're building a machine solely to do that, and you do office, email, web browsing, etc on another machine (which I would reccommend) - then prob better served to spend the money on more memory and better disk IO (internal scsi, external firwewire backup drives, etc).
and you will have something that performs extremely well at much cheaper cost (at least $1000 less). Hyperthreaded P4 systems are also great for all-in-one boxes. but for serious DVers you probably want to build the most reliable system possible and that means a dedicated dv computer without all the drivers and dlls that come with other applications that can cause untold grief.

still trouble deciding? look at the mobo specs - it's as at least as big a factor, and that should help in deciding. if you want that extra PCI bus bandwidth (and have cards to use it) go dual, if not, build a jammin p4.

GREAT P4 mobo: (ultra version has u320 built in)

GREAT dual xeon mobo:

hope that helps...

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Re: Dual Xeon or Single Hyperthreading P4?
on Jun 13, 2004 at 8:52:05 pm

Have the best of both worlds and go for Dual Xeon with hyperthreading enabled, Supermicro X5DAE motherboard will do the job.

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