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Matrox vs Pinnacle?

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Matrox vs Pinnacle?
on Mar 19, 2004 at 10:22:43 pm

Hello Videoguys.
I have been a faithful Pinnacle/Premiere user for 5 years. I am upgrading and can't decide which platform to go with. Can you tell me your opinion on which is best for creating sportsvideos for my kids teams? I am looking at Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro with its realtime hardware and software bundle. Also at a Premiere Pro solution with Matrox RT.x100. I can't seem to get straight answers from an unbiased source...

PS. I will be upgrading either my Targa1000 or my Pro-One.


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Gary Bettan
Re: Matrox vs Pinnacle?
on Mar 24, 2004 at 3:18:35 pm

Get both ;-)

Liquid Edition is a fantastic program that has some very impressive features. Background rendering is SWEET! and the 3D FX & transitions in edition are great. The new color correction and speed control are top notch. We now offer a ton of very good Edition training DVDs. So you will have no problem getting going and becoming an expert.

RTX100 is saimply the best Premeire pro accerator on the market. The integration is tight and the hardware is solid, stable and pretty easy to install. The full Adobe software packages make this an Xtremely good value!

You're looking at two very good products. It's really going to come down to your own particular needs. Pick a 5 key features that you feel you must have. Get the solution that hits on the most.

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Re: Matrox vs Pinnacle?
on Mar 25, 2004 at 7:51:59 pm

Dear Sir,
Matrox & Pinnacle both have individual +ve points.
U have to look what suites U.

Matrox solutions is more matrox hardware & less PC &/software dependent
while Pinnacle is 99% software/PC hardware dependent & independent
of any dedicated Video Hardware EXCEPT EDITION PRO which
is actually a VGA card with a AV in/out CHIP to get U
Analog AV in & out only.Other than AV in/out it does not effect
any REALTIME capability.

If U get Liquid Edition U can upgrade your computer & software
& get more features in future becos its 99% software based NLE
So its more scalable than MATROX RTX.

But Matrox does have some cool features which U may need
RAM Preview in 3rd part applications like AfterEffects & 3D MAX
which PINNACLE EDITION does not have.

But yes Pinnacle Edition is more powerful in LAYERs
U can have more VIDEO & GRAPHICs layers in REAL TIME in Edition
but FIREWIRE OUT IN Edition is not REALTIME while its realtime
in RTX.

Pinnacle Edition is more STABLE rather ROCK SOLID STABLE
& instant responsive for every command
whether U R doing a small or long form PROJECT.

While Premier(i tested 6.x/5.x) gets slower & slower
as your project gets bigger & bigger.

INTERFACE of Pinnacle EDITION is more EASY
as compared to PREMIER PRO.

if U want PREVIEW in 3rd part apps like AfterEffects & 3D S MAX
then there is not other choice except MATROX RTX or canopus DV STORM.

So Narrow down your requirments & then choose the product.

I personaly would go for a VIDEO TOASTER hardware
& other than that would go for Pinnacle LIQUID EDITION software only
& Adobe Premier PRO software only.

Becos the MOST POWER FUL hardware software combination
at the moment is Newtek VIDEO TOASTER VT3
where there is no boundry to your requirment
& Newtek never SAYS no to any feature u want in Videotoaster.
since its a record that NEWTEK VIDEO TOASTER is only hardware
in video industry which has been never OBSOLETE rather
just kept on hardware & softwareADD ON s & ADD ons which
increased its features to an incredible level.

So in my RESEARCH.
PRemier PRO & PINNACLE LIQUID edition R EXCELLENT softwares
to work with & NEWTEK VIDEO TOASTER is the best HARDWARE
which I have ever found/tested with EVER INCREASING REAL unlimited features & lifetime investment protection.


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