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Videoguys' NAB2004 Report (Part IV)

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Gary Bettan
Videoguys' NAB2004 Report (Part IV)
on May 26, 2004 at 4:35:06 pm

Videoguys' NAB2004 Report (Part IV) – More new and exciting products are coming soon!

Here it is, our fourth and final NAB2004 report! In this report we bring you up to speed with the latest new products and promotions from around the industry. Since NAB there have been several very exciting announcements from some of our vendors:

1) Sony ships Vegas 5 and the Videoguys' announce our special Vegas 5 promotions
2) Serious Magic announces DV Rack and a $150 rebate on Ultra with Master Set Library 2
3) Pinnacle shows Liquid Edition HDV and announces the FREE Hollywood FX & TitleDeko Pro promotion with Liquid Edition purchases

Sony Ships Vegas 5!!

On the show floor, Sony announced that Vegas 5 was shipping! We'd been hearing lots of rumors about the next version of Vegas and DVD Architect, but we had no idea that they would be shipping the day after it was officially announced. Now that's an exciting product launch!

What's new in Vegas 5?
First, the interface got a bit of a face lift. I like the new look and I think it will make learning and using Vegas even easier for new users. Advanced users can now customize the layout of the interface. This is really nice, especially when editing with dual monitors. I like to go a bit crazy with 3D FX and flying PIPs all over the screen. The new 3D track motion and compositing tool is perfect for this. I also like the new "Transition Progress Envelopes" which allow you to go in and keyframe each transition. This means you can change the speed and other parameters of each transition along its duration. Vegas 5 now allows you to create sub-clips and add them to the media pool. Sony has also added a couple of nice 3rd party software products to the Vegas 5 bundle. You get Boris Graffiti LTD for 3D animated titling and Magic Bullet Movie Looks filters. Vegas 5 can now support network rendering, making the final output to tape even faster.

DVD Architect has also seen some nice improvements. The biggest one is End Actions. Now you can have a clip point back to a specific menu, another video clip or even back to itself to create a loop. This allows you to add some very advanced navigation to your DVDs. DVD Architect now supports up to 8 audio and 32 subtitle tracks.

As part of our Vegas 5 launch promotion we're offering a fantastic bundle. Vegas5 +DVD software with Screenblast Acid & Vision Series Vol. 1, Class on Demand Vegas Workshop DVDs ($99.95 value) & WorldTech Specialist Vegas Keyboard ($99.95 value) all for $699.95! That's almost $200 worth of training and productivity for FREE!!

Click here for more info or to order one of our fantastic Vegas 5 bundles:

Serious Magic introduces DV Rack

Serious Magic was one of the most exciting new partners we saw at NAB2003. Their UltraKey product (now called Ultra) really blew me away. Since it began shipping last summer, it has been getting rave reviews from magazines, web sites and end users. At this year's NAB they were showing off the new Master Set Library 2 with 12 additional virtual sets for use with Ultra. These sets are incredible! Not only are they exquisitely detailed, but you can control things like camer position, lighting and more! We're now offering a $150 mail in coupon when you order Ultra and the Master Set 2 together. That brings the final cost down below $1,000!!

At NAB2004 the gang at Serious Magic blew me away again with a really cool new software utility for Digital Videographers. The new software is called DV Rack and it's like having over $10,000 worth of production gear on the road with you when you shoot. Install this new software on your laptop, plug in your DV cam via FireWire and you can monitor your video and audio quality. I'm not talking about a few simple meters and a preview screen; I'm talking about full broadcast level monitoring gear. You get a DV Waveform Monitor and Vectorscope, Audio Spectrum Analyzer, Shot Clock Timer, Video Analyzer and Professional Field Monitor. Even cooler, it turns your laptop into a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) so you can actually be recording the video to your hard drive while you shoot! DV Rack is expected to ship this summer with a target price of under $500.

Click here for more info or to order Serious Magic Products:

Pinnacle Liquid Edition News

The broadcast division dominated Pinnacle's booth, but in a little pod, off in the corner, I got a glimpse at the next version of Liquid Edition and I was very impressed. Taking advantage of the new PCI-X graphics bus standard, Liquid Edition will offer even more real-time performance and effects. What was most impressive was their HDV demonstration. They had multiple streams of native HDV footage with all kinds of graphics, 3D FX and filters applied, all playing in real-time on a dual processor HP workstation.

Back in 1999 Pinnacle launched a product called the DC1000 that was years ahead of it's time. It allowed you to edit MPEG2 files using Pinnacle's Smart GOPs technology. Unfortunately for Pinnacle, back then a DVD burner cost $5,000. As a result not too many folks were interested in MPEG2 editing. My how things have changed! Now DVD production dominates our industry and the new HDV format is MPEG2 based. The next version of Liquid Edition (targeted for year end) will be able to edit DV, MPEG2 and native HDV footage. The export to DVD function will be substantially faster with even better quality. You'll also get improved audio and, of course, more new filters and FX.

Studio and Premiere users - Now is the perfect time to get into Liquid Edition!
Pinnacle has extended the upgrade and trade-up programs through June! You can continue to upgrade to the Liquid Edition software for $399.95. Owners of old video capture cards can still trade them in towards the purchase of Liquid Edition Pro at $499.95!

Pinnacle has also brought back their popular Hollywood FX Pro and TitleDeko Pro promotion. Buy the full verison of Liquid Edition 5.5 $649.95 or Liquid Edition Pro 5.5 and get free upgrades to the full versions of both titles. As an added bonus, we are still including the Adita Training CD tutorial. That's over $250 worth of FREE software and training!

Click here for more info or to order Liquid Edition:

Canopus Edius HD

The big focus at the Canopus booth was Edius HD. Canopus was showing multiple layers of HD footage with all kinds of filters and FX in real-time. Very exciting - but also very expensive. This was a broadcast level product demo and a fully configured Edius HD system will cost around $50,000. But this was still very important, because today's $50K technology becomes tomorrow's affordable NLE!

While Canopus was not showing any HDV technology at their booth, they were showing a version of Edius in the JVC booth that was editing HDV footage. When we asked them about a potential new DV Storm card that would support multiple layers of HDV footage in real-time all we got were big smiles from the Canopus guys.

The Canopus DV Codec is regarded as the best in the industry. It is what sets their line of real-time NLE solutions and ADVC converter boxes above the competition. At the show they introduced a pair of new HD Codecs that were given very high marks and it looks like they'll be setting the standard for HD as well.

I also spied an interesting little box over in the corner, attached to one of the machines running Edius HD. It looked like an ADVC1000, only with more new inputs and outputs. I think it was converting HD SDI to HD Component, but it also had a FireWire port. My guess is it's an HD/HDV/SDI/SD/Analog converter box - just what we are going to need while we transition our studios to HD!

Click here for more info or to order Canopus Products:

Medea G-RAID

For the past few years Medea has been concentrating on the higher end of the video storage business with products like VideoRAID RT3, RTR and Fibre Channel based products. These massive Raids have tremendous throughputs that support real-time uncompressed video and networked editing environments. At this year's NAB they are getting back to their roots with a new line of affordable external storage for the DV editor.

The new G-RAIDs are small external FireWire Raids available in 160GB, 320GB and 500GB sizes. G-RAID features two high-performance FireWire 800 ports and one FireWire 400 port. You'll be able to attach them to your laptop or workstation and edit multiple DV streams using Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Avid Xpress DV/Pro, Pinnacle Liquid Edition or Apple Final Cut Pro. At $399.95, we think the 320GB unit is going to be very popular with DV editors.

Click here for more info or to order a Medea G-RAID:

Black Magic Design

Are you looking to edit uncompressed SD or HD footage with either Adobe Premiere Pro or Vegas 5?
With a Black Magic I/O card you'll soon be able to do it. DeckLink cards start at $295 for the 10 bit uncompressed SDI only version. The new DeckLink Extreme ($895) connects to any deck in broadcast video, because it combines both 10 bit SDI and analog component video into a single compact low cost PCI card that only uses a single PCI slot.

The drivers for Premiere Pro and Vegas 5 are still being worked on, but as soon as they are certified we'll let you know. We hope to be offering exciting bundles that will include both a DeckLink card and NLE software at a great price! We are also looking at offering special upgrade bundles for those customers who already own Premeire or Vegas.

More info on DeckLink coming soon!:

Ulead HDV plug-in for MediaStudio Pro 7

Ulead was showing off their HDV plug-in for MediaStudio Pro and DVD Workshop. I've always been a big fan of Ulead's higher end software titles. I don't think Ulead gets the recognition they deserve. MediaStudio Pro was one of the first full-featured NLEs to offer OHCI FireWire support, software based real-time previews, FireWire previews, MPEG2 editing and now HDV support. MS Pro 7 is a surprisingly powerful NLE given its very affordable $299.95 cost.

With the HDV plug-in, JYHD10 users can use the MediaStudio Pro 7 HD Plug-in to natively capture, edit, and output high-resolution HDV content within MediaStudio Pro 7, without requiring additional tools or interfaces. The MediaStudio Pro 7 HD Plug-in automatically detects the JY-HD10U, loads the proper device settings and converts the 'Transport Stream' video coming from the camcorder to 'Program Stream' specification for editing. The plug-in gives users access to the advanced features in MediaStudio Pro 7, including device control and capture, professional multi-track editing, and output to tape or disc.

Click here for more info or to order Ulead products:

More NAB2004 news
If you missed any of our previous reports you can read Videoguys' Complete NAB2004 Report:

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All DTV purchases come with our exclusive 30 day customer assurance program and FREE Tech Support

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