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(Hopefully) very clear Mini-DV / (S

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(Hopefully) very clear Mini-DV / (S
on Jul 11, 2003 at 5:47:25 pm

Hello there. Just joined the forum.

Some newbye questions. (They look like an exam, I know...)

Here we go:

1) The MPG files you transfer to PC from (Sony) Mini-DV camcorders are:

a) interlaced or non-interlaced?

b) NTSC(/PAL) or else ("VGA")?

c) 30fps or 29.97fps (or else)?

2) My DVD Player is compatible with both "VCD 1.1/2.0" and "SVCD" formats. Which format should I choose for making CDs from:

a) 320x240 (from standard (DV25) MiniDV) MPG files?

b) MPG, AVI or DVix downloaded files with a resolution that stands BETWEEN the 352x240 (or 352x288 for PAL) VCD stardard AND 480x480 (or 480x576 for PAL) SVCD stardard?
I know that the first method will loose resolution and that the second will wave "blacks filled-in", but which do you guys recommend?

c) DVix files?

c.1) I have a DVix file which is 448x288, is that the
standard DVix resolution?

3) Considering that both DVD Player and my TV accept either PAL or NTSC, should I give preference to either format for producing (S)VCDs?

4) I have learned how to convert MPEGs to the specific (S)VCD MPEG formats with TMPEngPlus, but how do I convert DVix files (and others) to MPEG? I have browsed many sites to no avail on this. Which converter is the most straightforward?

5) Last but not least, is there a (can be w/ simple GUI) software that can JUST TELL ME most EVERY spec/info/property of a video file (being it DVix, AVI, MOV, MPEG, what-not), such as interlacing, resolution (this is common), fps, aspect ratio, color system etc.? TMPEnc Plus, for instance, can tell me most of these but not all, and also it doesn't work with DVix files.

Many thanks,


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Re: (Hopefully) very clear Mini-DV / (
on Aug 12, 2003 at 11:33:43 pm

Helly, joined the forum 2 hrs ago!

1) Are we talking about MPEG files or uncompressed mini DV files?

if mini DV:
a)it depends upon the settings on your Camcorder (you did not specified the model), but by default, they should be interlaced



2)do not even think about VCDs, the resolution is terrible, only SVCDs

a)again, the res


c)nice for watchiing on PC, but incompatible with 99% of home DVD


3) DEFINTELY PAL, as it has better TV resolution; 640*512, over NTSCs 640*400

4) and 5) youll have to ask somebody else about this, sorry,

hope I vus helpfull....

Kresimir Laus (from Croatia, Europe... just thought you wanna know)

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