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Sports Film Breakdown Help?

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Sports Film Breakdown Help?
on Jul 4, 2003 at 3:34:28 am

I'm a football coach in Canada and we do alot of film breakdown the old fashion way, tape two angles in DV, transfer to VHS and use banks of VCR's to break the film down into different tapes, offence, defence and special teams. As you can well imagine, a very slow and tedious process, taking many hours. I've experimented and have become fairly proficient in using Premiere to make some great videos using the original DV tapes and this got me thinking.

Hence my question, what would be the most cost effective way to breakdown this film digitally (ultimate output is still to VHS tapes (which is sad I know, but VCR's are much cheaper than DV decks)?

My thoughts, either real time using some type of realtime timecode logging (associate the timecode to either offence, defence or special team plays) and then automatically or semi automatically compile the tapes for coach review?

I have a brand new VAIO GRT100 and the team is upgrading it's current desktop.

I really am a newbie when it comes to this stuff, but am just trying to get a feeling whether there is a quicker more efficient way, what info there is out there, are there products that can do this.

Thanks for any feedback, suggestions or advice.

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RTS Team Sports
Re: Sports Film Breakdown Help?
on Aug 7, 2003 at 4:18:27 pm

Hi Gryph66!

I'm sorry that this reply has been delayed for so long. Man, I should check these boards more often!

There are a number of Football specific digital video editing systems available and more coming along every day. These systems are designed so that you can capture game footage (self or opponent) mark the begining and end of each play, and then for each play assign a large quantity of data. Such as: Down and distance, formation, play name, ODK (offense, defense or type of kick), front, cover, blitz, twist... you name it. Then you can run printed statistical scouting reports and also video cut-ups.

I can provide you with a number of different company names that you can contact. Email me at the address below. I don't want to get spammed to death, so I've created an email address that is specific to this message board.

Substitute the @ symbol for "at" and . for the "dot"


I hope you're still hanging around these boards so you will see this reply.

Todd Smith
RTS Team Sports

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