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A Xeon workstation + ? = HDTV and DVD movies

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A Xeon workstation + ? = HDTV and DVD movies
on Mar 5, 2003 at 5:41:58 am

I am planning to try video editing again. I picked up a Supermicro X5DA8 (7505 Granite Bay chip) mother board with fast PCI-X slots, a pair of 2.8GHz Xeon processors, 2 GB of PC2100 memory, the Adaptec 2010S raid controller, an ATI AIW 9700 Pro, Audigy2 sound board, WinXP Pro, and 7 Seagate 36 MB 15K rpm Cheatah drives (2 system drives and 5 for a Raid 5 array). Now that I have some horsepower, I am wondering what video editing board would work best.

I want to be able to input Hi8, SVHS, DV, component YPbPr HDTV (1080i) signals, along with DD 5.1 audio and record it to the hard disk for editing and delayed or real time play back to my Mitsubishi WS55909 HDTV's FireWire input (or 1080i component input). Does such a video board and software exist at some reasonable price? The Pinnacle DV2000 was the last board I heard of with component video input and output, but I think Pinnacle has abandoned the product, and I never heard of it handling component HDTV material. I would also like to record old and new family video to DVD for distribution to relatives as enjoyable movies.

I bought the AIW 9700 Pro because it will output a HDTV component signal, and I thought it would be a fall back if a HDTV MPEG2 and DD 5.1 FireWire signal with HAVi compatibility was not possible for the Mitsubishi HDTV's 1394 port. I would hope to use the system as a HDTV recorder for delayed viewing of DirecTV and over the air HDTV programming. I would also want to finally make sense and use of a large collection of Hi8 material I shot years ago. I have accumulated music and sound effects CDs over the years and also learned to make tolerable noises from an electronic keyboard. I had invested in a Fast Video Machine in 1996 and still have it along with 2 Sony CDV1000 Visca Hi8 drives and a 1970 and 2 1980 Panasonic SVHS VCRs.

I have been debating getting a pair of 19" monitors to go with the workstation, either CRTs or LCDs I am not sure yet. I know I need something that will not be bothered by my Sony PVM-1351Q monitor's electro-magnet field, that will sit next to them on the desktop. The Sony PVM would shake the image on my Viewsonic PT813 when it was close to it.

I am retired now and have time to spend on the Linear and NLE learning curves. I also have an understanding wife who tolerates hobbies that keep me off the streets and away from motor home sales lots.

I would appreciate any help and suggestions for compatible equipment, and any insight into what is coming in the short term. This will be a hobby, perhaps expensive, and enjoyable project since there will be no pressure such as deadlines, a boss or customer to satisfy, or the need to make a profit.

Joe S.

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