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I have questions and am totallty ignorant to DV

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I have questions and am totallty ignorant to DV
on Jan 28, 2003 at 5:28:47 pm

OK, before anyone burns me for asking SOOOO many questions, I'll give you a bit of history on my situation. First off, I know my way around digital audio and audio editing so I am quite familiar with computers (PC, still don't think I'll EVER need a Mac- that's not cause for a mac/pc war) and software. I was approached by an "investor" who wants to put about $15,000 in my "care" assist me in setting up a small (very small) video production/editing company for him so that he can eventually produce and edit video projects for local (unsigned) recording artists as well as for people in need of video coverage for small social events. OK, he only wnnts to spend maybe $5,000.00 in the purchase of hardware and software for the first two digital video cameras and the PC system for the editing. I have priced some decent cameras at around $2300 each but he's looking at the cameras basically being the low-end items of his setup so that he can setup one or two very powerful PCs for the editing end of it all (which mesn he doesn't want to spend the whole 5G's on just cameras). Does this make sense? He's given himself a year to learn and purchase (with the left over $10,000) all that he'll need to get started and says he'll invest more next year as he sees the need. My problem is that I have no idea where to begin my research on cameras or even computers, though I have some idea of what kind of power and space he'll need. I'm looking at getting at least two 160 gig drives, a 4x dvd burner to backup and save final projects to, a whore-load (I don't know that that means. I just made it up. It sounds like a BIG number) of fast ram, and a cpu running at least 2gigs. All of these items are pretty inexpensive (as we buy items like this already since we run 12 studios) so I'd appreciate advice on video cards, capture cards that have both digital and analog capabilites (and support real-time editing WITHOUT pre-rendering), suggested motherboards (we prefer AMD compatibility over Intel), and of course, both digital and analog video cameras (with emphasis on digital models for under $1500 each if possible). Again, I already know that cameras at this price range will be far from the best but right now we are only looking for the "pretty good".

Thank you to all who might assist,

C. M. Johnson
Cix7 Records and Duplication

**please excuse tie-pohs (typos)

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Re: I have questions and am totallty ignorant to D
on Feb 20, 2003 at 11:16:48 pm

Hi there
I think you are definalty on the right track. What I would suggest about the realtime card is to figure out what editing software you like to edit with (competent with). Then if your not going to be really editing (seriously anyways) for about a year I would wait untill about till the 8 to 10 month range and see what is out then and then buy a card. I love my Matrox RTX100 and would recommend it to everyone, but in 8 to 10 months, who knows what will be out and how much better it will be, also this still gives you at least 2 months of playing around with it and figureing it out (wich is mainly the software) before you get into editing seriously. Get as good at editing suites such as Adobe Premiere and After Effects as possible. Getting good at the software will give you the tools to be great, not the realtime. The cannon GL2 might be the kind of quality/price range your looking at or maybe the Sony PD950. Anyways I gotta get going, but if you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

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