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Analog OUTPUT, Getting poor quality, help?

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Analog OUTPUT, Getting poor quality, help?
on Jan 3, 2003 at 4:32:50 pm

Hi all,

I bought the Pinnacle DV500 DVD with high hopes that I could record some footage from DV sources (DV & DVD), and output them to S-VHS. I have no problem capturing lossless quality video from DVDs that look great on screen and look great going directly from the breakout box to the TV. You can see a hair of compression and some color desaturation but to any normal person, they wouldn't even almost notice it. Anyhow... upon outputing to a new JVC HR-S3600U on a new Maxell S-VHS mastering grade tape, the output has "visual noise" all over the picture and the colors are desaturated badly, along with an overall "compressed" look to it. I'll go into it further below, first specs:

(self built, no brand name)
P4 2.53GHz
Abit BE7
1GB DDR333
GeForce 4 TI4200 (Det 4, 40.72)
80GB ATA100 7200 (8MB cache, 60GB free/defragged)
Creative SB Audigy 2 (latest drivers)
Pinnacle DV500 DVD (4.02) (using s-video & analog audio)
Premiere 6.5
Win2K Pro SP3 (latest everything, dx 9.0, etc, 3 month old install)
Input DVD: (recorded from) Sony DVP-NS315 via S-video & Analog aOutput VCR: JVC HR-S3600U (S-VHS, kinda low end though, via S-video in/out)
Output Tape: Maxell Super VHS (ST-120XRSN) in SP (S-VHS enabled) audio

The input looks great. I record lossless. I take the captured video and put it on a premiere timeline. I have a TV to view the output while I work on it. I have the breakout box OUTPUT (s-video & analog audio out) going directly to the VCR (JVC HR-S3600U). I have the VCR composite video & analog audio out going into this TV. When I play video from the timeline in premiere, it looks GREAT on the TV. Almost identical DVD quality (unless you look REALLY hard). I then go print to video and record some footage (about 10 minutes) onto the Maxell mastering tape. After I finish recording I rewind and view the tape on the same TV I viewed the Premiere 6.5 timeline on, and theres an abundance of artifacting in the recording.

The artifacting looks a lot like common low quality VCR recording. There's a color degredation, a small amount of "visual snow" all over the picture and it looks generally lesser than what was outputted to the TV from the timeline.

Can someone tell me if I need a S-VHS mastering deck to get CLEAN output from this card and setup? I'd really like to record to tape as clean as it's presented when outputting from the timeline. Being what's on the TV has already gone through the VCR, I know the VCR is getting a quality picture source. Really not sure why it looks so bad, especially when using quality tapes and quality video sources via quality connections. Help please! :)


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Re: Analog OUTPUT, Getting poor quality, help?
on Jan 3, 2003 at 7:19:16 pm

On a side note, in other forums, people have told me that the JVC HR-S3600U is a consumer quality unit and that I shouldn't expect master quality S-VHS video as far as recording goes. Does this hold any truth? I just find it hard to believe that a unit can PLAY very high quality video but the same head can't RECORD video of any quality.


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