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Rendering & System Q's fm Newbie w/ Studio DV

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Rendering & System Q's fm Newbie w/ Studio DV
on Dec 27, 2002 at 3:19:21 pm

I run Windows XP w/ Service Pack 1 on a Athlon 833MHz/768MB SDRAM/2 x 40GB 7200rpm HDD/8x CD-R drive w/ Pinnacle's Studio DV. Vidoe comes from a Canon ZR40.

I capture and edit fine. It's the rendering that I need help on. As I only have a CD burner (still saving up for a DVD burner), all I aspire at this point is to produce S-VCDs of videos I took of my 3 year old.

The S-VCDs i've produced so far end up off-center, i.e., rightmost section of screen starts w/ middle part of scene, middle part of screen has the leftmost of scene, and leftmost of screen has the middle part of the scene (last section has about 1/16th of the bottom-most vertical section with something that resembles color bars.

What do I check?

Also, I my system freezes on long renders (e.g., video >20minutes). I only use whatever software came with the Pinnacle Studio DV v.8. Are there alternative software that doesn't have to start over from the beginning when the system freezes while rendering?

Lastly, plese help me plan my system upgrade path.

If I move up to a 2GHz Athlon (my Abit KT7A goes since it can't take anything faster than 1.2GHz), would I get at least twice faster rendering vs. my current 833MHz?

Is rendering inherently disk I/O intensive or is the 768MB PC-133 SDRAM I have simply isn't enough and the disk I/O I see is for my swap file?

For NLE, does volume of RAM matter more than speed of RAM? I'm asking to determing whether I should go DDR or stay w/ SDRAM since I already have 768MB of the latter.

W/c RAID is suitable for NLE?


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